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Personal Spy, DJ, Receptionist, and Killer Robot

…tters all over it (?!)) Concept and artistic direction by Lauren Vermeglio, renderings Dom Vu. Made possible by Cedric Ragot Design Studio with Erector brand and Meccano. This is what happens when you have awesome ideas: lots of people put their hands on it. (Not that lots of hands touching your stuff is a terrible thing, mind you.) Awesome features of the Spykee VOX: 3 microphones LCD screen Made for iPod® dock Digital music player connection Ob…

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Put the Breaks On. Gold Please.

…and now BMX-Style bike boots. You’d better step up your I.D. game if you’re gonna catch up with the Cedric Ragot family. Presenting here a state-of-the-art extreme sport boot that’s got three patents to it’s name. Best believe your foot’s in good shape here with the Genius MX Boot. The SCOTT Pivot System, the Brake Transfer Pad, and the Sure-Feel Shifter Pad. Boot it up! Looks rather Iron-Man-ish doesn’t it? I&…

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Folded Note Launch de Picasso

…ists and nerds! Today’s product is made by a designer who’s been published by Yanko more than once: Cedric Ragot! Ragot brings a simple wooden Moleskine modification kit the likes of which Matisse and Hemingway would love to shoot love letters with all the live-long day: the Love Messenger! Composed of flat pieces of wood and designed to aid the charity Vaincre la Mucoviscidose for cystic fibrosis, the Love Messanger is the gift you c…

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Don’t Be Caught Without Flower Frames!

Cedric Ragot designs his way in to a box. When you’ve got a house you want placed in some new Shui sort of order, you might consider putting a frame on everything! Your pictures, your tables, your pets, and of course, your flora. “Compose-It” is a frame for plant life. It comes in several sizes: small to BIG. Constructed entirely of Corian®, you can be sure that the nonporous surface is precise and the entire object is certifie…

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Not Safe for Flammable People

…into the fireplace (recently.) I bet your dogs, cats, or hamsters don’t fall into the fireplace (often.) Cedric Ragot is here to set your life on fire. Your life, your cat, or any other accidental thing. Or you can just warm your house. What this item is ACTUALLY: is a chimney. It’s called “Burn Out,” and it’s definitely not made for houses with new puppies or babies or clumsy people. Wood, gloss steel, and fire. 65…

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Tip Light Not for Use with Kitties

…y called “Ataton”, and like most products posted here on Yanko Design, it is a concept, and is not for sale! Ataton is as it appears. Tip it one way and it’s on, tip it the other, and it’s off! Of course you’ve gotta be careful not to hit it on accident. Or, maybe that’s your intent! Maybe you could make up some Ataton light-games! Begin all potential/silly uses for Ataton below. Go now! Designer: Cedric Ragot…

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Writer Chris Burns Destroyed by Spy Robot

…f? Well, we’re in luck, because we have a detailed list of what Spykee is capable of right here- oh. uh oh. There he is. Spykee no! I wasn’t going to share the list of your capabilities! I know that would be absurd, and could endanger the entire spy world! I swear I didn’t say anything! No Spykee, don’t do it! Auuuuuuuggg SPYKEE ::CHECK OUT- ALL- OF MY CREATORS INVENTIONS- BY CLICKING BELOW:: SPYKEE Designer: Cedric Ragot…

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Lost Flight Caught in Light

…hting solutions, tricks, and just plain fun ideas. This one’s a work of art. Rendered to perfection and produced to reflect the mysterious flight that inspired its creation. Flight 815 coming in for a landing! Be sure to read up on Oceanic Flight 815 before commenting. It’s a flight that was lost at sea, found, then found again! An intriguing story, accurately reflected in the production of this lamp. Real fun. Designer: Cedric Ragot…

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