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EXT AVANCED MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS by Ewald Neuhofer, Talia Radford, Thomas Schiefer & Georg Milde

Monitors Your Health, Draws Blood

…of information that could revolutionize medical diagnosis. It’s a soft bracelet mesh that checks your vital signs and even draws painless blood samples. It interfaces with you computer and acts as an alarm clock by applying pressure. With a flick of the rest, the device tightens and takes real time biometric readings to be transmitted to a computer and physician. Designers: Ewald Neuhofer, Talia Radford, Thomas Schiefer & Georg Milde…

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AquaIris Portable Water Purifier by Talia Radford

Pure Safe Water In The Tropics

…. The reusable removable filter is attached to a lanyard that sports all the usage instructions. You need to fill the water into the bottle and insert the filter into the special slot. The water travels under a layer of converter crystals where germicidal UVC rays directly hit every water molecule passing by, thus making it pure and safe to drink. For more information on this or other James Dyson Award entries click here. Designer: Talia Radford…

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