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Union Folding cycle by Weiche Wu & Minhan Lin

A Better Folding Cycle

…port systems like buses and trains. Folded up, it’s more like backpack that doesn’t weigh you down. This 8-inch folding bicycle slams down in a jiffy and its most defining feature is that it combines the stem with the headlight and the saddle with taillight, for better visibility and safety. Some of the issues that this sleek cycle tackles are: Most folding bicycles have distorting problems while riding, so the framework of the bike must be integ…

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Foldable Bicycles: How Real Today?

…haps you’d enjoy such a thing? Consider the following: not from the Twilight Zone, but for your approval: folding bikes. Seen any lately? At Yanko, we’ve had several. Lots of them have parallel features, the most common being the amount of collapsing the bike does. With this most recent inception into the folding hall, the “Antares Lift,” we get front stem, handle bars, seat, and back wheel, all folding up into the bike. A…

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Yet Another Folding Bike!

Yes, seems like “Folding Bike” is the flavor of the season, so I won’t bore you with any witty comments. However what makes the db0 (divided by nothing) E bike different from the rest of the gang is that it’s soon to be available this first quarter. So those lusting after folding hybrid cycles, hit the jump to catch the specs of this beauty! Features: This is a 100% professional bike and becomes an eco-hybrid pedelec by turning on the power assi…

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Single Motion Folding

Diamove is yet another folding bicycle concept but with its own innovations. It’s an easy folding bike featuring front wheel drive to support better posture. While riding, the weight of your body is totally on the pelvis rather than your wrists and feet. It sports a wheel-in-wheel folding scheme with a “single- motion” swoop. The awesome part is that when folded, it’s just a single wheel body that you need to stack-up in a cozy…

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A Twist (rather, slide) on the Folding Bike

I’m not sure you can even call it a folding bike, because the Somerset utilizes a MUCH more effective system to shrink down to a compact size! At the heart of the design is a horseshoe-shaped, tubular frame that’s used as a slide rail. The circular steel structure and semi-arc frames can be transformed into a rollable handcart in seconds, making it easy to transfer between cycling and other forms of transportation like the subway or…

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Electric Folding Bike Goes Zoom Zoom

The CYOOO is pedelec bike, a neologism for electrically assisted pedaling. Helps with difficult rides when you need that extra boost or when you’re just too lazy to bother but the other interesting tidbit is the unique folding mechanism. The saddle folds down, the head tube collapses inwards, and the handle bars rotate 90 degrees. Make no mistake this is a full 20″ bike so the folding feature makes it a bit more manageable. The geome…

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Never Stop Folding Bikes Smaller

Perhaps you are a bike folding aficionado and/or industrial designer of bikes. Perhaps you’re familiar with the recent Yanko bike folding feature. (It’s still in the top 10 posts for the week!) Perhaps you wanted more? Here you go. It’s called the “IziBi” bicycle; it folds so much, so very much you wouldn’t believe it. Single front and rear suspension. Frame made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer, direct driv…

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A-Bike – Folding Bicycle by Daka Design

The A-bike is a revolutionary new folding bicycle that breaks new ground in the areas of weight, folded size and design. Weighing in at just 5.5 kg, this ultra-portable folding bicycle is the lightest in its class. By utilizing quick release clamps, fold and unfold only takes 10 seconds. Its key advantage is true portability. It can be easily carried on public transportation network, and its compact size allows for easy storage. The A-bike can a…

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