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Triton Alternative Warning and Guidance System Used on the Sea by Dr.Hakan Gürsu for Designnobis

Eco Friendly Buoy

Triton is a self-sustaining buoy that can be rapidly deployed in marina entries and ports for temporary and permanent navigation guidance. The system is eco-friendly using only wind and solar energy. Big hat tip for the design. Huge improvement over current buoys. Who knew they needed to be redesigned? Oh and by the way, it holds the Design Turkey Award. Mmmm hmmm. Designer: Dr. Hakan Gürsu for Designnobis…

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Eco Friendly Aston Martin Volare Concept

The transition to more eco-friendly vehicles is relatively easy for mass volume vehicles but what about luxury manufacturers? How can they maintain their luxe and driving appeal while embracing the new “green”? The Aston Martin Volare proposes an easy fix by adopting fuel cells. The stacks are located in the front while the tanks are stored in the rear above the car’s axle – perfect weight distribution. I like the idea bu…

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Eco-Friendly Cool Air

…you have on your window. Using Artica will reduce your carbon footprint as CO2 emissions are cut by 90%. Other “eco friendly” features in Atrica include the re-use of materials that are the bi-product of other industries, which would have landed up in landfills and exemption of toxic coolant gases that give out green house gases. The good deal about Artica is that it’s not just on paper, it’s been prototyped and tested with customer trials underw…

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An Eco Friendly Kiosk

The aptly named Ecokiosk uses a number of techniques to flash that ever important “green card” in today’s culture. Companies are looking for new ways to move their businesses towards more Earth friendly practices. The Ecokiosk aims to solve many of the lingering issues regarding mobile retail/service setups. Natural Heating, Air and Light Solution The louvre style roof is a solution for internal heating and natural air ventilat…

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Greencycle-Eco - Cycle by Paulus Maringka

Greencycle-Eco Friendly Bike

Greencycle-Eco uses current technology to reduce production costs in order to make it affordable to farmers and the lower income demographic group in third world countries, but the strategic thinking could certainly benefit the entire world to achieve greater sustainability. Made of pre-fabricated bamboo panels, each piece is shaped using a CNC cutter to minimize waste. The steel brackets were created from flat steel and used as a joining compon…

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From Tumbler – Eco Sensitive Coffee Mug by Jang Jin-hee & Lee Min-jeong

Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

Looking beyond the branding support the ‘From Tumbler’ is taking, I think this sensitive mug has a strong message that we can imbibe. Basically the idea is to encourage you to reconsider the use of disposable cups for your daily fix. In turn this sensor enabled mug blooms up an LED Green world map with every 365 reuses of it! Let’s drink to that! Designers: Jang Jin-hee & Lee Min-jeong…

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Interview with Asher Clark of Terra Plana

…make? Sole – Durability, lightweight, flexible, recycled content and minimum glue etc
… Upper – Made from eco friendly materials (recycled, high performance etc)
. Function – Is it a great product to wear, does it give you goose bumps when you walk in them? Looks – The worst thing we can do is release products that don’t look good and we have been guilty of that more than I care to remember. 

Of course this is somewhat subjective but keeps…

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How to GO GREEN With A Shower, Wand, Shoe, Dish and Bamboo

Recently Sony encouraged some ID students from China to think GREEN and come up with eco-friendly products that can be incorporated into everyday life. The results were amazing concepts like a showerhead kinda music player, a conductor’s baton-styled TV remote, a shoe clasp GPS device, a solar powered speaker dish and a bamboo work frame for a music system. Take a look at them in detail after the jump. Sony Sound of Water: Bathman Shower Music P…

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