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Sony PSi - Play Station Interactive by Anh Nguyen

Sony PSi aka Playstation Interactive

Sony unveiled their motion control intentions at this year’s E3 game expo so designer Anh Nguyen must be riding the same wavelength because his PSi concept also features wand-like motion controllers. The console leaves a little something to be desired but the wands are very interesting. You can stack the wands for various games like tug-o-war or add weights if you insist on the video game fitness craze going on right now. If Anh wants to r…

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Tha Business Self Defense Kit

…arly to design a deck of self defense cards. Things such as brass knuckles, pepper spray, pocket knives & whistles to name a few,” says the designers. All this from a few inspiring trips thru San Francisco’s sketchier neighborhoods. I don’t advocate violence even in self defense (ahem – brass knuckles) but these are slick and unassuming self defense weapons. Designers: Hoang Nguyen and Anh Nguyen for CreativeSession…

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Nixon Minimalist Watch by Hoang M Nguyen & Anh Nguyen

Simplicity at It’s Finest

The Nixon Minimalist watch was designed to showcase pure simplicity and the name couldn’t capture it more. The designers’ intention was to rid the user of the anxiety of minutes, and allow the watch focus purely on the hour at hand. No annoying graphics, no overbearing branding… just simple, honest time. We love it! Designers: Hoang M Nguyen &  Anh Nguyen…

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Sony Eclipse Solar Media Player Concept by Hoang M Nguyen & Anh Nguyen

Music By The Window

…re built-in but the cutest aspect to the design is the compartment to hold your music device. It resembles the compartment used in cassette tape players from yester-years; the evident “eject” button et all! Suggestions for Android and iPhone users to download Eclipse App for “interesting screen savers as you play your favorite songs”, sounds cool! Perks of being a concept I tell you! Designers: Hoang M Nguyen & Anh Nguyen…

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Belkin TimeOutlet by Hoang Nguyen, Anh Nguyen & Sam Staar

Put Your Power On A Timer

…y tall, especially for an area like the entertainment center. I tend to hide my surge protectors, not bring attention to them. A good idea nonetheless but I prefer a less “band-aid” approach to energy conservation. Manufacturers need to include circuity that enables people to totally, 100% turn off the power of any device instead of having it sit in some standby, limbo power mode. Designers: Hoang M Nguyen, Anh Nguyen & Sam Staar…

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Sight And Sound Satisfaction

…It will be amusing to see homes screwing on the SoundBulb. Wireless speakers streaming music all over the place with the shimmy of disco lights; sounds eccentric! Apparently the parts of the SoundBulb are replaceable and can be upgraded from time to time. My only concern with this design is the heat factor, after all bulbs do produce a lot of heat and could be damaging to the speakers. Designers: Hoang M Nguyen, Poom Puttorngul & Anh Nguyen…

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Ten Creative Re-Invention Of The Light Bulb

…nant into various conventional components like the bulb. 8 ) SoundBulb by Hoang M Nguyen, Poom Puttorngul & Anh Nguyen SoundBulb is a multi-tasking bulb. It’s got the lights to illuminate plus speakers to stream in the music. Talk about hardwork’in! 7) Sticky Lamp by Chris Kabel Like the coconut tree nothing should go waste, all should be recycled. Sticky Lamp is just that. A creative way to illuminate your space and make use of the packaging…

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