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Sit Above the Hot Seat

…ing nice. This “Relax” duo-purpose leisure machine is designed by a Youngsuk and a Yoonsang – Yoonsang Kim is the designer behind the extremely popular Holeder Earphones. J-shaped earbuds and stove-seats, both designed for tiny-stepping the human race further and further down the joy road. Not much simpler than this: stove in the middle, folding chair around it. The stove doesn’t get hot enough to burn your bum, and the fo…

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Imagine an Illuminated Forest

…The Light Tree is a small night-light. Sure it takes up one whole plug but look at it! Awww, so CUTE. Truth be told the designer had some “green” intentions. It’s supposed to inform you about the importance of energy conservation by using the international symbol for eco-friendliness; a tree. The logic is a bit convoluted but OMG it’s ADORABLE and look! The 110v adapter is a pot! Designers: Yoonsang Kim & Junse Kim…

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None Bacteria Project Keystick – Folding Keyboard by Yoonsang Kim & Eunsung Park

Folding Fan Is A Keyboard

…tyle-keyboard, say that it’s a part of their None Bacteria Project – aimed at cutting down spread infections. Ah…I don’t buy the story of it being designed for personalized used so that you don’t contaminate your fingers. I’d much rather have it as this cool futuristic fan that I flip out of my purse and use it with my iPhone to update my latest posts. I’ll have mine in Pink Mr. Kim! Designers: Yoonsang Kim & Eunsung Park…

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Best of August 2008

…ets. Permalink Hits: 10618 5) Motorola Sparrow by Aruliden Studio. Permalink Hits: 12094 4) Holeder Earphone by Yoonsang Kim. Permalink Hits: 13463 3) Silence Alarm Clock by Johan Brengesjo. Permalink Hits: 13849 2) Touch Sight Camera by Chueh Lee. Permalink Hits: 14168 1) Muwi mower by Yuli Sung. Permalink Hits: 28429 Do you have or know of a design that’s stunning enough to be featured on Yanko Design? Send it in to publication@yankodesig…

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Twinky Lights, Oh So Cute And Moody!

…job of this cute little stub is to enhance the small dots of power indicators that surround us. Tiny dots of lights are all around us…the power on our CPU, gadgets charger, cordless phone hub, etc. So you stick on the Light Recycler, which sorta enhances the mild dim to a catchy glow. Why? Just for the fun of it, Mood Lights, no apparent reason and please don’t look for one either! Designers: Eunsung Park, Hansoon Jeong & Yoonsang Kim…

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Chopork - Chopstick Fork Design by Yoonsang Kim

Crazy Cutlery With Identity Crisis

Does the Chopork have an identity crisis? Like would you classify it as a fork or a chopstick or both? Nah! I wouldn’t bother much about the functionality of two sticks turning from a fork to chopsticks. I’d be worried about branding it as Chopork; sounds more like chop-the-pork! Got any better name suggestions? Designer: Yoonsang Kim…

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Is Your Ear Asking a Question?

Actually the unique shape serves several purposes. It fits snug in your ear, easily loops together around your neck when not in use, and somehow prevents bacterial growth which is 700 times more concentrated in regular ear buds. If it weren’t just a concept, would you buy one? Designer: Yoonsang Kim…

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Hallucinating Player Hovers

…to la la land, the player stays grounded thanks to the earbuds fixed into your ears. Silly as this may sound to some, but children these days find no pleasure in the helium filled balloons, this Melody Balloon is more their types. Kinda like their RC planes, only this one’s flight and play are controlled via the finger ring that it comes with. Conventional folks may want to keep this rooted to the battery recharger. Designer: Yoonsang Kim…

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