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Magnetic Therapy

…ere to give you the advantages of Magnet Therapy, but to tell you about the new Magnet Liteon Phone designed by Tryi Yeh. He’s decided to use the advantages of Solar panel cells for powering the phone and a spacious OLED screen. Apparently the magnet on the cell phone allows user to change the structure of panel as they want. I particularly fancy the game and media mode, coz that’s what I use my mobile phone the most for! Designer: Tryi Yeh…

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Google x Go by tryi 05

Gee Zero is my Hot Hot Telephone

…x off. This aint no G3 phone, this isn’t even a G1 phone. It’s a G0. It’s made by our old pal Tryi Yeh who’s had 5+ items on Yanko when this post is posted! This G0 is hot gold. It’s just what you need in your pocket. I want one, so I’m amping it up. You want a phone that does all your business, but you’re sick of those complicated butt-dialers by the name of Blackberry, and you’re not up on fruit….

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Nissan Motivity 400C Maglev Vehicle by Tryi Yeh 04

Car of Magnetic Proportions

…ppy metal-on-metal jalopy can take you. Faster, harder, stronger! Check out the Nissan-Motivity 400C concept by Tryi Yeh. The 400C has the Maglev engine system in each tire, making it quite floaty and speedy. The 400C has a wild, new triangle shape that reduces drag, while the driver seat controls retain their classic build (although, as you’ll see, you still might have a time getting used to the seat!) A little more info on the Maglev conc…

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Altec Lansing Sunny Song Speakers Concept by Tryi Yeh

Sunny Song Is Green

What’s Hot: Eco-friendly tag, meaning Solar Power; Bluetooth, A2DP/AVRCP, latest NXT panel technology, two kinds of styles: one for desks and the other for mobile phones. What’s Not: Concept, concept, concept! And I fancy the desk version more than the soft version. Designer: Tryi Yeh…

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FLYIDEA – Concept Phone by Tryi Yeh

The Fly Phone

…that features an alluring interface. I simply love the dongle-earphone that performs a myriad of functions. The dongle essential functions as wireless earphone, and syncs with the phone to work as a camera, gaming sensor, music controller and video recorder. Both the earphone and phone work independently and together. The concept offers an innovative way of using the phone with the added functionality of the earphones dongle. Designer: Tryi Yeh…

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Cheers Alcohol Cell Mobile Device by Tryi Yeh 03

Take a Cell-Phone Swig!

…nd of like a “wheel” if you will. Do you party? Party here. Right on this lovely device. Although I’ll never be a fan of objects that require more and more batteries, more and more things to plug in, I’d say this is certainly a beautiful solution. Or at least beautiful. What say you alcohol aficionados? How well do you think it’ll play out if it’s produced? Is it “green?” Cheers! Designer: Tryi Yeh…

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Apple Mac Folder

Is it next MacBook? no, but everyone likes to put their 2 cents in. It’s called the Mac Folder – not all that different from any other laptop but this could be the netbook everyone wants/expects Apple to make. The UI has been reworked to work more like the interfaces seen on the iPod Touch and iPhone and of course it has a multi-touch screen and OF COURSE it’s as thin as Kate Moss if not more. Want one? Designer: Tryi Yeh…

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Ten Creative and Unique Apple Concepts

…rld and so little accomplished! Alas, Apple doesn’t indulge in concepts to realizations. 3) Apple Mac Folder by Tryi Yeh Tryi Yeh attempts to give us a skinny MacBook with an awesome UI, which is similar to the iPod. Those who enjoyed MacBook Air will probably like this, but the question is, will Jobs go for something like this? 2) iSphere by Chris De Schryver The iSphere is here coz I’m 110% sure that we won’t see something like this coming out…

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