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MacBook Touch? Maybe, Just Maybe…

Designer Tommaso Gecchelin isn’t oblivious to all the rumors surrounding a netbook or tablet-like PC made by our favorite fruit manufacturer. We try not to indulge in rumors here at YD but sometimes they do provide fuel for inspiration, such is the case with this MacBook Touch. Gecchelin reasons if Apple were to go small, flexibility may be more important than hard rigidness – a trend current Apple laptops buck because they’re…

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MacBook 2020 Concept by Tommaso Gecchelin

MacBook in 2020

Put aside your critical ego for a moment and enjoy designer Tommaso Gecchelin’s vision of an Apple MacBook circa 2020. Keyboards, mice and 2-dimensional screens are passe. Hit the jump for the future. Envisage a computer nearly paper thin, able to shape shift from metal to plastic. Thanks to molecular manufacturing, a micro-lattice nano material enables you to shrink the dimensions to fit into your pocket. Nano technology miniaturizes fami…

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A Strip of Car

…er three dimensional. The vehicle you’re about to glance upon is the Mobius as well, this one designed by Tommaso Gecchelin who aims to merge aesthetic suggestions of both math and geometry into one harmonious shape. The insides of this car are wild as the out, as it employs blind-spot avoiding technologies such as flexible OLED screens, head-tracking cams, and HD external cams to unify the person driving the car with the environment the ca…

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Nikon LIN - Augmented Reality Glasses by Tommaso Gecchelin

Record and Relive Your Entire Life!

…t distraction, allowing the user to live freely and relive the experience later in 3D. How?! With a flying camera that floats above your head and wearable glasses cam that together see everything you see! DO WANT! The system actually consists of two elements- the first is the flying cam that captures 360 degree views in 3D, and the other is a wearable pin-cam that records experiences from the user’s perspective. Designer: Tommaso Gecchelin…

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Push Pull Handle by Tommaso Gecchelin

Door Handle for Dummies

…8217;ve all experienced this, it can still be embarrassing! Here’s a solution: the Push/Pull Affordance Rotating Handle was developed from a series of cognitive tests that revealed a correlation between handle shape and the directional guess the user has to make. When the user sees its flat surface they will push, and when they see the pointed surface they will pull. It’s a simple concept, but oh-so-smart! Designer: Tommaso Gecchelin…

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Geometric Romance by Tommaso Gecchelin

A Lamp of Fireflies

…ld technology it can. When not in use, cover the device with panels and let the solar panels collect sunlight energy. When it’s time for some ambience, fold the shell back and let the fire flow. Touching the lamp changes the color. Fireflies are tiny LED lights with resonant circuit receivers. Fireflies float in isodense fluid moved by a tiny fluid pump, convective flows move the fireflies in a smooth, cool way. Designer: Tommaso Gecchelin…

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Ten Creative and Unique Apple Concepts

…and ports. As a peripheral something like this will do well, but only if Apple would listen to us. 4) iSpine by Tommaso Gecchelin You guys really appreciated this design and kudos to Tommaso for conceptualizing it. This concept has all the zing in it to make it the perfect-o lappie. When such ideas are showcased, one feels that there is so much more to be explored in this tech world and so little accomplished! Alas, Apple doesn’t indulge in conce…

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Self-Driving Car Swarms!

…, bus-like area, allowing passengers to stand and walk from one module to another to dynamically optimize occupancy rate and to deliver services on demand in motion. Additionally, their modularity makes it possible to adjust the cargo capacity for delivery service in order to maximize efficiency and convenience for consumers and deliverers alike! They may not be the sexiest ride on the road, but they get the job done! Designer: Tommaso Gecchelin…

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