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Playstation 4 Clear

…ur Playstation 3 thin models with multiple lovely colors, forget even the earlier design by this same designer, Tai Chiem, that PSP 2 concept he whipped up last year, no! Check this thang out. It’s the Playstation 4. Tai Chiem’s Playstation 4 concept: that’s how you know it’s wild. And with clear material and minimalistic aesthetics in play, you’ve got one Tai-tastic amalgamation, to be sure. BONUS: that other spaces…

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PSP 2 Makes Pocket Bulges Almost R-rated

Sony just barely updated the PSP but designer Tai Chiem is already thinking about the next iteration. His design calls for a flexible OLED display that can be conveniently rolled. An electric charge powering the display stiffens it while providing near bezeless prime real estate for gaming. Stereo speakers on either side double as a jog wheel and camera control. He also envisages Sony finally implementing two joysticks. Pipe dream or not, it&#82…

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MacBook 3D Laptop Concept by Tai Chiem

MacBook 3D! Glasses Included

…ng two on there to provide simulated depth is totally feasible. Just imagine chat rouletting in 3D! I’m not sure about the hingeless design though; couldn’t tell it it’s flexible or a segmented joint. The jury is still out on touchscreen trackpads. We saw tons of those concepts all through 2008-2009 and no manufacture seems to have bitten. Is it just too novel, too expensive, and power draining to implement? Designer: Tai Chiem…

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Best of Yanko Design 2009

…3. Comments: 32 19) Toilet Seat Scale by Haikun Deng. Permalink Hits: 43662. Comments: 120 18) Playstation 4 by Tai Chiem. Permalink Hits: 44110. Comments: 40 17) Dynamically Augmenting Wheel System by Charles Pyott. Permalink Hits: 46599. Comments: 110 16) Translate What You See by Jaeseok Han. Permalink Hits: 47436. Comments: 27 15) Order/Water/Bill Lights for Waiter by Doyeop Kim. Permalink Hits: 48079. Comments: 35 14) Duo-wheel BMW by Pierre…

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Best of September 2009

…inov. Permalink Hits: 8159 6) Solar Tree Recharging Device by Jun-Se Kim. Permalink Hits: 8819 5) One-Hand Kitchen Equipment by Gabriele Meldaikyte. Permalink Hits: 8976 4) Plate For People Who Sit Between Two Tables by Shira Nahon. Permalink Hits: 9915 3) Tip-less Cordial Glasses by Scott Denison. Permalink Hits: 10752 2) Compactable Urban Bicycle by Victor Aleman. Permalink Hits: 13136 1) Playstation 4 by Tai Chiem. Permalink Hits: 14051…

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Best of October 2008

…: 23145 5) Top 10 of Green Design. Permalink Hits: 23539 4) Nokia Liquid Phone by Runa Larsen. Permalink Hits: 26666 3) PSP 2 by Tai Chiem. Permalink Hits: 29960 2) Nike Hindsight by Billy May. Permalink Hits: 32967 1) RGB Glasses by Luís Porém. Permalink Hits: 43395 Do you have or know of a design that’s stunning enough to be featured on Yanko Design? Send it in to and see if yours makes it to the BEST!…

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Best of Yanko Design 2008

…malink Hits: 37282. Comments: 32 26) Mooon+ Phone by Sunman Kwon. Permalink Hits: 37933. Comments: 78 25) PSP 2 Tai Chiem. Permalink Hits: 38124. Comments: 73 24) iBangle by Gopinath Prasana. Permalink Hits: 39144. Comments: 94 23) Window To The World by Mac Funamizu. Permalink Hits: 39436. Comments: 82 22) Zenvo ST1. Permalink Hits: 40155. Comments: 24 21) Urban Security Suit by Tim Smit. Permalink Hits: 40173. Comments: 64 20) Blow-up Mouse by…

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