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2 in 1 L Pan by Seung Jun Jeong

It’s All About The Double-faced Pan!

Flip your pancakes or stir fry some veggies, shallow fry or cook some pasts, the versatile 2 in 2 L Pan allows you to do some much more! Laying it flat on its wide base makes it function like a normal pan, but using the indented narrow side allows you to whip up gourmet delights that require some frying. Totally love its space-saving attitude, and I’m already saving a hook for it in my kitchen! Designer: Seung Jun Jeong…

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P – Cup Coffee Dispenser Machine by Seung Jun Jeong

Coffee Perks

I love the creative energy that surrounds the P – Cup Coffee Dispenser Machine. It has all the components integrated into its compact form. The machine, the coffee slot, the paper cups…a complete package so to say. Easy on the eye, it’s a lot more fun than the drab machine in my office right now. Paper cup dispenser + Coffee Maker = P – Cup! Designer: Seung Jun Jeong…

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Alarm Clocks Are So Redundant….

It’s time to move on and discard phone alarms and clocks! This is the new age people; we need cooler and hipper gear like this Alarm Pillow! It gently vibrates at the given hour, to wake you up with a buzz. And if you don’t get out of the bed, your head-weight acts as the snooze trigger. How awesome is that! The label-trigger is clever and fitting, I so need this for my sleepyhead daughter! Designer: Seung Jun Jeong…

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Stackable Cups by Seung Jun Jeong & Seo Young Moon

Air Dried And Bacteria Free!

…good old sunrays to do the job! Stackable Cups encourages this habit by featuring four projections that allow the water to drain out completely, when you stack glasses one-on-top-of-the-other. Stacked wet glasses generally stick to each other and pulling them apart can get tricky; so this design kinda resolves that issue too. Moreover, they make the set look kitsch! Patent pending: 30-2010-0009971 Designers: Seung Jun Jeong & Seo Young Moon…

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Hanging Towel Dryer by Seung Jun Jeong

Hanging Towel Dryer Hits a Raw Nerve

…than Five Minutes! But No Sireez, they just won’t listen; they heap it up on the bed, floor; worse keep it wet n hanging in the loo. It’s for me to dry those stinky pieces! Wish I had a genie manufacture this Hanging Towel Dryer, which is shaped like a bathroom clothes rail, but is actually an air drier. Drape a wet towel over it, switch it on and in a few minutes or more, you have a warm dry towel! I so love this! Designer: Seung Jun Jeong…

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This Tree Is Artificial Green

…d a seating ring at the base, to rest your tired feet. The over-all vibe is of a tree alrite, and here is how it works. The tree has an electronic fan (in the base) that sucks in ambient air and pumps it through the HEPA filters to remove all impurities. The refreshed air, then blows out from the top of the structure. I can see this as a helpful prop in malls where I can rest after a serious session of retail therapy. Designer: Seung Jun Jeong…

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