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Universal Cellular Phone by Seon-Keun Par

The Braille Phone

…vel, the same databank of knowledge, learning and creating together. Keeping that in mind, take a look at this, Seon-Keun Park’s braille-central phone: the second universally accessible phone we’ve discovered here on Yanko in so many weeks! Right after (or right before) you take a peek at this design, be sure to check out the version that Seunghan Song designed. Compare and contrast! Then look at this! It’s got raised and lowere…

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Getting Lost Is Not So Trendy

…s to your current location. Therefore getting your bearings and charting your course is easy. Although the images of the projected map look visible enough even in daylight, I wonder if it’s really going to be that clear in its practical avatar. Anyways, I think this project has the potential to make it to the market and be a hit, I would love to get one for my husband, who hates to ask for directions! Designers: Jin-Sun Park and Seon-keun Park…

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Braille E-Book

…braille books in order to read. However, not many books are available in braille due to cost and inefficiency. Translating a 500 page book into braille nearly doubles the thickness. EAP is a technology that can dynamically change the surface pattern by way of an electromagnetic signal – simulating braille text. Not exactly a new idea but a nice executive nonetheless. Designers: Seon-Keun Park, Byung-Min Woo, Sun-Hye Woo & Jin-Sun Park…

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No Shoelace Shoe Design by Seon-Keun Park & Jin-Sun Park

Shoelaces Not Needed

…could just be a matter of tension. Technically you should readjust every 4-5th wear. Why even bother if there’s something better? The No Shoelace Shoe uses a single strap that wraps around the entire width of your foot’s arch. By simply tightening or loosening a velcro strap, you achieve the perfect fit. Designed for runners but this simple design could easily translate into any footwear. Designers: Seon-Keun Park & Jin-Sun Park…

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In Newspaper by Seon-Keun Park & Byung-Min Woo

Newspaper Is No Longer In Paper

…o an extent. But the one area that I’m not ready to compromise is the Newspaper. My morning ritual of fixing my coffee and curling up with the papers is under threat from the In Newspaper. Yeah, yeah, it does have the perks of an inbuilt alarm clock and fresh content from a choice of global papers, but imagine carrying the flexible display to the loo, where many of us read it while we take a crap! Designers: Seon-Keun Park & Byung-Min Woo…

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Zipper That Got Me All Entangled

…ive. So what’s next? Will get Zip Loc get upset with me now? Is it fair to hold us writers responsible if we showcase someone else’s similar talent before you send in your works? Fight your own designer-ego battles dude! YD does not and will not indulge in such ego-centric battles! We are where we are because of our readers and the support of designers. Let’s not squabble over who designed what first! Designer: Seon-Keun Park…

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Ten Innovative Designs To Help The Sight Impaired

…sight-impaired persons who don’t know Braille. This Braille Interpreter is for such folks. 4) Braille E-Book by Seon-Keun Park, Byung-Min Woo, Sun-Hye Woo & Jin-Sun Park EAP is a technology that can dynamically change the surface pattern by way of an electromagnetic signal – simulating Braille text. Thus developing a Braille E-Book doesn’t seem a tall order. Not only will it be easy to carry, but also cut down on the thick Braille Books…

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Best of August 2009

…99 6) Slip Grips by Stanton Burns. Permalink Hits: 9719 5) Water Gate by Michael Tatschi, Sascha Mikel & Martin Schnabl. Permalink Hits: 10252 4) Map & Projector by Jin-Sun Park & Seon-keun Park. Permalink Hits: 12911 3) SmartMeasure Kitchen Measuring Cup by Ryan Eder & Chris Daniels. Permalink Hits: 15294 2) Artistic Sex Toys by Jacobo Munoz. Permalink Hits: 22477 1) The Window Phone by Seunghan Song. Permalink Hits: 54716…

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