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Edge Pencil by Sang-hoon Lee

Pencil Flat

…here’s flat. More like it comes to a point. Not the one where you write out of, but along the whole stick. Makes it nicer to hold, they say, makes it harder to roll, they say. Designer Sang-hoon Lee is responsible for this particular revision of the writing stick. Pen-Sally is what my highschool art teacher would’ve called it. Sang-hoon Lee calls this one the “Edge Pencil.” See what you make of it. Designer: Sang-hoon Lee…

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Apple Headphones Concept by Sang-hoon Lee

Simply, The Apple Hairbands!

Keeping with the tradition of simplistic minimal design, Sang-hoon Lee has designed his vision for the Apple Headphones. Looks more like a hairband with a sleek finish. I think the touch of volume controls within the glowing apple logo is just too clever! Designer: Sang-hoon Lee…

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Expression Dot – Dirty Towel Indication Concept by Sang-hoon Lee

Does Spotted Towel Mean Measles?

Oftentimes we don’t realize that a towel is soiled, especially the dark colored ones. Although designer Sang-hoon Lee uses a white towel to get his point across, I can picture this being used effectively on darker shades. Expression Dot is a concept where your towel starts sporting red dots (measles?) once it gets really soiled. It does the routine of starting from pale red to blood-red, but I’m sure you don’t want to wait till it gets that dirt…

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Ditch Merry-go-round, Let’s Swing

Sang-Hoon Lee’s Swing bench brings to mind that episode of FRIENDS, where Rachel is petrified of the swing and how Ross helps her overcome her irrational fears. For the life of me, I can’t imagine my childhood without the thrill of swinging in the park with innocent abandonment. Now that I’m all grown up (and a few pounds heavier), the kids won’t just let me take the joyride again. I guess I’ll have to make do with the Swing Bench to satisfy my…

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Smartphone Stand For Vehicles by Sang-hoon Lee for PPYPLE Company

Sleek Cradle for My iPhone

There seems to be a deluge in iPhone stands this year. I say the more the merrier! What’s cool about this Smarthone Stand for cars is that it goes on sale by the end of this month. The stand has video-out, charging dock, external function touch-keys, clock and display. Sang-hoon, reserve one for me please! Designer: Sang-hoon Lee for PPYPLE Company…

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i Speaker Light by Sang-hoon Lee

Hear It, See It, Charge It

…just an idea that was floating around, the i Speaker Light is now a reality! The multifunctional design acts as a iPhone/Android dock, tablet charger, light and Bluetooth speaker all wrapped into one sleek, modern unit. Perfect at your bedside, control it with just a touch a finger or use the dedicate app to stream your tunes or set mood lighting. Vid after the jump! Designer: Sang-hoon Lee i speaker light begins 2015 from sanghoon lee on Vimeo….

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Message Me A Smile

…en complain of Text Messaging Syndrome; however the pen-styled input application will probably take care of this complaint! Want to send a smile? Simply curve the phone upwards; shake the wand once to send out the SMS. Angry? Send out a frown! Vanity? Flaunt it like a bracelet! Besides its innovative SMS feature The Icon functions like any other normal phone. I can picture it being a rage amongst the texting-teens. Designer: Sang-hoon Lee…

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Stack ‘em Up Sound And Light

Fond of stacking up stuff viz-a-viz Lego? Cool, then enjoy this multipurpose iPod dock that can add stacks of speaker, light, air-cleaner and then some more speakers! Use a configuration that suits your needs and get docking! Designer: Sang-hoon Lee…

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