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…cking lenses would cut the glare of the sun, these “Reed Screen Sunglasses” by Sang Jang Lee use the ancient eastern practice of reed screens to block the sun’s blinding glare. In case you are in the dark about reed screens, they are those roll up window blinds made of peeled reed stems. With pop out screens in various shades of shade and vibrant frames to match, these spectacles are quite the spectacle. Designer: Sang-Jang Lee…

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Embrace Your Heat

Sang-Jang Lee is a dear old friend of YD and we have seen him give us some really great designs in the past. His current offering, the Blob Heater is a quite an eccentric personalized heating system. Kinda meant for a broken-hearted who craves for the body warmth of a partner. Something that Carrie Bradshaw would shy away from! Calling it a “hybrid between furniture and electric appliance”, this spandex covered blob measures 240” x 25” x 25” and…

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Impress In-Laws By The Perfect Rice Dish

…in a good rice cooker is a must. However till you actually go out there and get yourself one, lets look at what Sang-Jang Lee is proposing. It’s a rice cooker that sports a touch interface lid and the promise of the perfect grain. The Rice Cooker features a concave pedal on top of pot, which is quite the hub of activity. This is where the touch panel is housed and a visual display comes to life when you…you guessed it…touch it! Navigating the men…

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Nigella Would Love This Ornate Blender

…ive the little wife a blender?” Famous quote from the iconic Father of the Bride, but I’m sure little Annie wouldn’t have flipped so much had she received anything as ornate as this gilded beauty. This is just one of those eye-candy things that you get to decorate your kitchen with, not really industrious or something. Simple, elegant, leaf-inspired; you get the drift. Enjoy gilded pureed pea soup tonight Nigella! Designer: Sang-Jang Lee…

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A Humidifier That’s All Concrete

…O. A slab of concrete with a bit of gadgetry gets us this Concrete Block Humidifier, which works with an all-important weight sensor. This is to ensure that a dry, empty bowl gets automatically switched off. Very convenient! The choice of concrete as a base was deliberate says the designer, because the material has the unique character of absorbing and evaporating water rapidly. Look forward to a refreshing, hydrated day! Designer: Sang-Jang Lee…

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Best of Yanko Design 2009

…41) RT20 Highway Patrol by Mathieu Lewis. Permalink Hits: 23823. Comments: 25 40) Concrete Block Humidifier by Sang-Jang Lee. Permalink Hits: 23916. Comments: 19 39) Designers Workstation by Luke Riggall. Permalink Hits: 24187. Comments: 68 38) Keystick Keyboard by Yoosang Kim. Permalink Hits: 24321. Comments: 68 37) Interactive Tiles by Soo-Jin Chou. Permalink Hits: 24343. Comments: 16 36) Transparent Iron by Dong-Seok Lee. Permalink Hits: 2462…

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Best of February 2009

…o” Laser & Mp3 Guitar Trainer by Eugene Cheong. Permalink Hits: 15591 5) Concrete Block Humidifier by Sang-Jang Lee. Permalink Hits: 15983 4) “I-Quad” Interactive Tiles by Soo-Jin Chou. Permalink Hits: 16412 3) “RT20″ Highway Patroller by Mathieu Lewis. Permalink Hits: 16976 2) Top 10 Toaster Designs. Permalink Hits: 18371 1) “NVDRS” Cassette Tape Construction Digital Player by Stefano Pertegato. Perm…

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