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Just a Lilly Tea for You

…s in the water existing only to be beautiful. All of these fancy qualities were necessary in order for designer Sait Alanyali to come up with this whimsical tea set. In the same way that the mind blooms on the refreshing taste combinations of the tea, the flower expands, open to welcome back the empty cup again – cradling it as you leave it once more in the bosom of the pedal bed. Whafty, yes? Sait imagined a world where the spoon would no…

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New Mac Mini Concept, OMG It’s not Boxed Shaped!

With rumors of a new Mac Mini on the horizon, designer Sait Alanyali, a proud Mac Mini user, decided to throw in his 2 cents. One of his gripes with the current machine are the I/O ports. It’s a pain to plug things in/out and so the “V” shape brings the ports within reach while keeping cables at bay. The shape also improves cooling as air moves freely thru the heatsink now that it’s not sitting on a flat surface. Hard dri…

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iVokey - Redesigned Rummikub Game by Sait Alanyali

Rummikub Reimagined

…dergone very little change over the years. iVokey is a fresh take on the tile-based game that gives new life to the set with modern fonts and colors. An overall focus on lightness called for using new materials like plastic and acrylic for the board and tiles which have been reduced in size but are even more durable. Packed into a convenient, compact tote, it’s easier than ever to take to parties or gift to friends! Designer: Sait Alanyali…

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