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Water to Inspire, KOR ONE Hydration Vessel Review

…ed to birth defects. Mounting evidence suggests that even small quantities pose major health risks. The team at RKS Design evaluated glass, acrylic, and many other substances. They eventually found a new material that featured the clarity and performance of polycarbonate without the dangers of BPA called Tritan. Aside from proudly wearing its BPA FREE label, the KOR ONE is designed to be ergonomic. All those soft curves make it easy to grab, hold…

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Treo meets iPhone

…to be a flood of new mobile phones to hit the street using Google’s new open source Android OS platform. RKS design consultants of southern California have just introduced their entry into this soon-to-be-ubiquitous mobile platform with this “Mimique” design. Touting its ability to be easily customizable, and looking very much like a Treo with an iPhone touch surface, this phone concept deserves some attention, but I can’…

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Amuen Encourages Our Ilk To Inspire And Be Inspired!

…for a new place to hang out on the net then I must recommend the swanky Amuen site. Designed by our friends at RKS Design, this is the spot to hobnob with fellow “creative souls – painters, musicians, sculptors, photographers, writers, enthusiasts, and everyone in between.” The social site is even running an intro contest where you can snap up a Mac Book with a custom skin designed by Carson Hill or a 16GB iPod Touch. Designer: RKS Design…

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Bobby Bouché – “That’s good H2O!”

…nol-A (BPA). A chemical found in the polycarbonate widely used to make reusable water bottles, BPA is a hormone disrupter that has been linked to diabetes, cancer, and obesity. The design itself is innovative with its intuitive, one-handed operation bottle cap with a thumb release and kung fu grip. Yada yada yada…it’s water in a cool bottle, made from sustainable materials. They win, go buy it. Designer: RKS Design [ Product Page ]…

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Electric Dream Machine

…ol is extremely light. Double down. The most versatile ink-spitting machine thus far. This post is on the second edition. The first was only air, which was wonderful but not as feasible for the traveling tattoo artist, as air compressors aren’t especially airplane-friendly. Here’s the sleekness. See all the pics and read the press-release paragraph below, and tell us if you’re still petrified of permanence. Designer: RKS Design…

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Best of May 2008

…. Permalink Hits: 7801 9) Splash Lounge Chair by Michael L. Wendel. Permalink Hits: 8221 8 Treo meets iPhone by RKS Design. Hits: 8342 7) EGG mobile by Roman Tubl. Permalink Hits: 8753 6) Concrete Art by Transparent House Studio. Permalink Hits: 9380 5) Eat with your glasses by Brad Gressel. Permalink Hits: 9540 4) Flower Nurse by QianJun Gao. Permalink Hits: 10207 3) Yogurt Spoon by Nojae Park. Permalink Hits: 11498 2) Meaning of Time by Bomi Ki…

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