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Recoiling Socket In The Wall

…furls from a cavity behind its socket. When you don’t need extensions, it’s neatly tucked away. When you need it, simply pinch the sides and wind it out. After the deed is done, you simply give the wire a gentle tug (activates a spring mechanism), and it recoils back into place. Ideal for using with electronics like vacuum cleaners, hair driers etc where you don’t need extension cords on a full-time basis. Designer: Meysam Movahedi…

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One.One.Two Socket & Socket by Meysam Movahedi

Switch Socket

Neat name for a Switch + Socket system – One.One.Two! The idea behind this design is to give you a sleek multi-purpose socket so that you can use it to hook up the many devices you own, without going on socket-installation overdrive. The combo of course is of switch & socket, but what’s different is that it doesn’t use up-down motion to function; it uses a push up-down mechanism instead. Designer: Meysam Movahedi…

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