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Tab Cabinet by Lewis Taylor

Tabbed Bathroom Options

…ant to keep hidden from a partner of flatmate.” I don’t know about that, especially if you’ve got a roommate who’s ever used a folder or a computer before… or even opened basically any sort of drawer or door before… But this cabinet is cute and nice nonetheless. It’s made of oak, metal, and glass. Each portion is distinguishable from the other by color, just like your toothbrushes. Designer: Lewis Taylor…

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Not Just a Chair, My Friends

…his particular chair was made to be used as “both a temporary and permanent substitute for a bedside table.” Ho wow! So now you’ve got a place to set your glass of water, plugged in cellphone, nightlight, and bottle of whiskey! Oh you don’t have all those things – oh you’re not that old – well then you can keep the whiskey in the drawer! That’s it! Case closed. Perfect chair. Designer: Lewis Taylor…

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