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Multiwrench by Junjie Zhang

One Wrench to Rule Them Each

Or twist them all. In the dark! That’s what designer Junjie Zhang has on the brain, that intention in this project. This is a wrench that’s got several settings in one single piece of non-moving metal. One hunk. Tell me about this project, if you know about something similar, because it seems too simple to be true. One wrench, one shape that allows for several bolts to be twisted. Twisted all the way tight. Now this designer just had…

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V Lock for easy finding of the keyhole by Junjie Zhang

Never Miss the Key Hole

…ult thing in the world to get that key aligned with the key hole in order to insert and turn! Here’s the key to this problem. The “V Lock.” It’s got a v. You put the key in the v. You open the door. Perfect. I think you’ll understand this concept in basically 0 seconds. It’s just that obvious. Props to designer Junjie Zhang for making the world a more intuitive place, one lock at a time. Designer: Junjie Zhang…

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Anti Waste Soap Dispenser and Faucet by Junjie Zhang

A Soapy Solution, One At A Time

…that allows you to do only ONE thing at a time! Presenting the Anti Waste Faucet: it holds a soap dispenser on the top half and the water-tap in the bottom part. Pump the lever down to dispense soap and raise it up to turn on the water. Basically you squish some liquid soap into your hands, lather up and then pull the lever up for water to rinse your hand. This ways you don’t waste precious water while soaping up! Designer: Junjie Zhang…

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More+ Bus Handle for power generation by Junjie Zhang

Bus Handles as Fine Music Power

…music so hard that you just up and lose your mind. It’s a great place to be. You can GET THERE if you use these handles. Or at least if you’re at the end of the pole. Get plugged in! Piezoelectric ceramics technology makes this possible, sending all the power back to the bus where it can be redistributed to the passengers via power plugs for radio, television, chargers, or the lighting on the bus. Electricity! Designer: Junjie Zhang…

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Umbrella Is High On Grass!

…ng to this title, but sadly (err, debatable!) the grass referred to here is the sober green variety that grows in your backyard. Awesome idea displayed with the Green Trace project! A flat umbrella stand comes fitted with mesh and some pre-sowed seeds; lean wet umbrellas as suggested and let the water drip down to water em greens. Easy in a jiffy get indoors grass; a green patch out of nowhere! How very organically-kitsch! Designer: Junjie Zhang…

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Most Buzzed Designs of April 2010

…avies. Pemalink Hits: 20438 8 ) Kodak Brownie Camera by James Coleman. Permalink Hits: 20729 7) Easy Keyhole by Junjie Zhang. Permalink Hits: 27443 6) Universal Packaging System by Patrick Sung. Permalink Hits: 31768 5) Post-It Gun by Alex Marshall. Permalink Hits: 32079 4) Toe Mouse by Liu Yi. Permalink Hits: 32994 3) Super Slim Mouse by Lukasz Natkaniec. Permalink Hits: 33221 2) Yogurt Spoon Package Design by Hye-seung Cho. Permalink Hits: 4693…

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