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You Been Dunkin’ Long? Nice Cap.

…ically amounts to a new mold for the plastic top that fits on top of your coffee cup. With this innovation, you can fit everything you need for that trip from the counter to your table or the order window to your car. Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to drink coffee in your car? You must be nuts in the head. Check out this new top for you crazies. Put the creamers and the sugar packets right at the head of things. Designer: Joshua Harris…

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Make: Family Cooking by Joshua Harris

The Family that Cooks Together, Stays Together

…d in the kitchen! The Make: Family Cooking concept aims brings the whole family together to participate in cooking with an easy-to-use E-ink system. The cutting board serves as both a place to dice food and as a display for step-by-step instructions and recipes. Simply follow the directions while using the modular handles to control the whisk, board, and measuring cup. Fun and safe for kids – worry-free for parents! Designer: Joshua Harris…

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The Top 25 Entries of Electrolux Design Lab 2010

…ccordingly and at the end of the cycle you got fresh, hung clothes in a closet. 20) In-home Clothing Printer by Joshua Harris It’s the future and you absolutely have the right to print and wear your own clothes. I wonder if this means I can print my own Dior Couture and LV fashion when I’m in 2050! 19) Community Fridge by Pedro Sanin Perez Taking community living to another level is this share-your-fridge concept. Each house gets its…

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