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Cut Glasses Chandelier by John Harrington

A Hundred and Fifty Glasses

…to be exact. This chandelier’s name is “Cut Glasses” and was designed and constructed by one John Harrington. I think you’ll find this to be quite the lovely headpiece for any fabulous room, and no less breakable than any other mass of glass you’re bound to have up there. These glasses aren’t made for drinking liquids out of though, only to drink in the light and turn the light on it’s top, bottom, and s…

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LEGO Chandelier by John Harrington

Elegance in a Lego Light Fixture

…ictorian-era building, yet give the “youth and vigor” of a contemporary clientele. What better way than with Lego? Next time I suggest molding a chandelier out of candy. I’ve seen it done! One time a local band named Brother and Sister had a guitar molded out of hard sugar candy. Each time “Brother” played a solo, he encouraged people to come up and take a taste of the wicked rock and roll! Designer: John Harrington…

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