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The Intensity of Small-Scale Weight

The simplest of devices need love, too. Here Emir Rifat Isik’s done some nice love for the kitchen scale. Three buttons, a flashy orange ring, and light, bright display screen. With so few features, each bit must be perfect and precise. Does this make the cut? Behold the intense description of this apple weigher by its designer, Emir Rifat Isik: The body functions as a measure when it is taken out from the weight panel. It can tare, show t…

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Live Performance Turntable Styled Dining Tray Design by Emir Rifat Isik

Lighter Side of Dining

Here’s one of those designs that looks at the lighter side of life. A dining tray set that is very Turntable-esque. Very often we come across such crazy juxtapositions that are quirky and cute. As Emir Rifat Isik puts it, “turntable + dining tray = fun design.” Superb! Designer: Emir Rifat Isik…

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Dew-like Illumination

Emir Rifat ISIK finds inspiration in the most detailed bits of nature. His Dropmacro Lamp is like a macro photograph come to life. There’s a general fascination with macro photography because it sees things we don’t normally see in great detail. Look closely at dew drops on a plant and notice the form and how light refracts to seemingly illuminate the immediate surrounding area. It’s a gorgeous muse for this beautiful lamp whic…

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The Sweetest Spoon Ever

Inspired by the many natural benefits of honey, the Balgo Honey Spoon was designed to streamline the process of adding honey to your drink. No more messy packets or sticky fingers- simply peel back the spoon’s cover and drop it in your drink. The spoon doubles as a stirrer so there’s also less waste! Designer: Emir Rifat Isik…

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Intelligent Turtle USB Stick by Emir Rifat ISIK

But Is It Faster Than A Rabbit

It’s a USB flash drive inspired by a turtle. Just slide the toggle to make the turtle head, I mean connector pop open. Pretty straight forward eh? It doesn’t do anything special. It’s just freaking CUTE. Look at the eyes! Hey, I’d buy it. One question tho; is it faster than a rabbit? Designer: Emir Rifat ISIK…

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Some Space For Tweety

…e from afar when an unassuming robin partakes the grains you have left for it. OKKO is as versatile as a birdfeeder can get coz it can either be hung from the ceiling in a balcony (if you have such luxury) or be placed on a post in the garden. In its Pool World avatar, this ceramic feeder hangs from ceilings and offers extra perch space. In the Green World avatar it hosts a potted plant on the top and sits on a stand. Designer: Emir Rifat Isik…

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Phillu – Matchbox Shaped Mobile Storage Device by Emir Rifat ISIK

Light Up Some Memory

…d at the end of the striker. Strike the stick quickly along the striker adding pressure. Now the stick turns into burned black match, making it possible to give it to another Phillu owner to share your data without the need of any computer in between. Sharing your data with others will be completed after they plug in the stick to their own Phillu. Designer’s Tip: Do not let kids play with matches! Designers: Emir Rifat ISIK & Burak Kaynak…

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