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The Pull Lightly Plug by Choi Hyong-Suk

Tug Your Plug

A slight tug on the cord, that’s all it asks for, this Pull Lightly Plug by Choi Hyong-Suk. Why? The obvious reasons…old habit of yanking a plug die hard, so give this one a gentle tug…right till you hear a click…satisfy your sorry cravings and save some wasted standby electricity. From a design point of view – it’s clever because it works around a natural human behavior and doesn’t try to be preachy! Designer: Choi Hyong-Suk…

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River Flowing System – Faucet Design by Choi Hyong-Suk

Shower Flower!

…you the chance of wondering if you have it set to flow or tap. The design is such that the showerhead is placed above a basin-esque bowl and the water flows down as a stream. Water pressure and temperature settings are controlled via a centralized knob and showerhead is held into place via magnets. So basically you just turn the shower on and the water cascades down the bowl-lip, giving you the best of both the worlds! Designer: Choi Hyong-Suk…

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DIY Earphones by Choi Hyong-Suk

Replaceable Earphones

…when busted. The central module works as a remote control for the player and features basic functions like volume, play and stop. This module is proposed to come in two modes: basic and Bluetooth. Obviously the Bluetooth one connects to the player wirelessly! The story doesn’t stop here; the earbuds are such that you can hook up two separate sets to the central module so that two people can hear the show! How awesome! Designer: Choi Hyong-Suk…

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Make Art With Electrical Wire

…r own art. This could end up one of two ways. Some people may do some amazing things with it. They’re just better at pulling form and space out of unusual mediums. Other people will just end up mounting messy wires. Regardless, I think it’s an interesting idea taking what’s normally a hidden afterthought into a functional art piece. Designers: Jung Ji-hye & Choi Hyong-Suk Special Thanks : Prof.Yun Jung Sik & Lee Jin Woo…

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Human Energy Recycle System by Choi Hyung-Suk  & Yun Jung-Sik

Make My Own Juice

…The “Application” units perform the roles of storing and supplying power. There is the option of using a “Application Portable Type” unit, this helps in harnessing energy while doing heavy-duty stuff like exercise machines and cycling. Here is an idea that can really revolutionize the way we perceive power and energy sources for the future. Essentially making it a portable thing. Designers: Choi Hyong-Suk & Yun Jung-Sik…

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Smart Finger – Measurement Device by Choi Hyong-Suk, Jung Ji-hye & Yoo-Jin Park

My Fingers Are So Smart, They Measure!

…s of the time taken by the signal to beam from one finger tip to the other and back. The measured distance is displayed through LED. The device sports 2 buttons that help display the measurements in different units, record and store the measurement, calculate volume and area plus view the information in text format (details on how to operate are explained in the images). Designers: Choi Hyong-Suk, Jung Ji-hye & Yoo-Jin Park…

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