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Eggpot by BANG ki ryoul

Dis is no Chicken Egg

…rapes so we can make jelly. Talk to me. How real is an egg such as this? Of one thing I am certain: the form of this project is loveliness. Even if the natural magic doesn’t make this a hands-free project, the plant pot itself is pretty darn cute. Just think of a giant row of eggs, each one cracked a bit different, each one of them growing a tiny plant. Sounds like a fun school project if you ask me. Keep on pottin. Designer: BANG ki ryoul…

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Palate by BANG ki ryoul

For Want of a Lunch Tray

…estaurant world. Each place has its own method, it’s own plate for its own food. I’m sure you’ve used the circle, the rectangle, and even the separated squares of the school commons tray. But how about this one? What say you? While you’re walking, there’s not much chance anything’s gonna fall off, the pop is safe, and the dipping sauce is right there in the middle when you wanna get in. Designer: BANG ki ryoul…

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Eco-pump Refill Dispenser Packaging by Bang Ki Ryoul & Junga Kim

Smart Dispenser

…nozzle and pipe that can fit over refill pouches directly. So this means you don’t have to spill the refill pouch contents into a bottle…you know the drill. Result? Minimal wastage, once you’re through with the refill pouch, screw in another. Just for an added effect, the pump has tiny Braille engravings so that shampoo and soap bottles can be differentiated, even with shampoo suds in your eyes. Designers: Bang Ki Ryoul & Junga Kim…

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