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Moving Light – Lamp and Mop Design by Arthur Xin (Se Xin)

Mopping with Spiritual Light

No I’m for real, “External Light” is a concept floor lamp that relies on you to mop your floors regularly to store kinetic energy to power the lamp integrated into the entire length of the stick. Novel idea but there’s a deeper meaning. Designer Arthur Xin is one designer on spiritual journey and his work represents a symbolic way of mopping up the bad to create positive energy. Designer: Arthur Xin (Se Xin)…

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Tea Set by Arthur Xin (Se Xin)

Go Tea

Combining the ancient game of Go along with ritualistic tea can lead to disastrous results but Arthur Xin carefully masters that fine line in this homage tea set. The tray looks like a Go board. The teapot and cups look like oversized chess pieces. It’s the whimsicality mixed with minimalism that keeps this design from veering close to a thematic mess. Designer: Arthur Xin (Se Xin)…

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Ice Cube Fish Tank by Arthur Xin (SE Xin)

Frozen Fishes In Ice

I love the illusion that the Ice Cube tank proposes; imagine the stunned expressions when people discover that the cube is an ice deception and that your fishes are swimming in safe waters. A clever perception and very Fred ‘n Friends kinda design; got to hand it to Arthur for making us look at the lighter side of life! Designer: Arthur Xin (SE Xin)…

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Sushi Palette For Artistic Food by Arthur Xin

Eat Artistically

Love me some sushi y’all. Good sushi is already editable art but designer Arthur Xin takes it to the next step in the literal sense by packaging all the traditional condiments in gouache paint tubes. The entire serving tray looks like an artist’s palette he calls the, wait for it… Sushi Palette. Mmm yum yum I gotta get me some! Is there a place for artful eating in people’s busy lives? Designer: Arthur Xin…

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Soft Screwdriver by Arthur Xin (Se Xin)

How About a Soft Screw?

Soft Screwdriver is a very easy to carry set of tools that is cleverly packaged. Ten different screwdriver shafts are housed in a strip made of plastic and rubber, which can be rolled to form the driver-head. Simply affix the right-sized tool you require into the middle of the driver-head and you’re ready to go! Folded like a bamboo mat or unfurled, I like the compact design. Designer: Arthur Xin (Se Xin)…

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Icy Lotus

Love me a fun ice cube y’all and the Ice Lotus ice cube tray is the sleekest looking of them all. Made of black rubber and stainless steel, it looks like a lotus pod. Smash the rubbery part with your hand and the “ice seeds” eject into the steel bottom. Designer: Arthur Xin (Se Xin)…

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Magical Sapor -  Spice and Seasonings Holders by Arthur Xin (Se Xin)

Magical Seasoning

The Magical Sapor combines my interests in cooking and dressing up as a fairy godmother into a set of seasoning wands. It’s easy to understand and the minimalist approach keeps the whimsicality in check. Love the idea. Needs a matching gown apron. Designer: Arthur Xin (Se Xin)…

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Adidas USB Bag by Arthur Xin

USB Roll-on

Check out this USB flash drive designed for Adidas to give to their clients and friends. Color me jealous because I want one! It looks like a miniature roll-on suitcase with the eponymous three stripes. I’m not one for novel flash drives but I know there are collectors out there so do me a favor. If you somehow come across these flash drives, go ahead and grab an extra one for me will ya? Thanks, Love you. Designer: Arthur Xin…

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