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Sphere Tureen by Apostol Tnokovski

Globen Up Your Life

…h with a cover, basically. More like a bowl. And lots and lots of people have it, or something like it. Our pal Apostol Tnokovski saw this particular piece of kitchenware as essential, common, and in sore need of an update. So A.T. decided to turn up the volume, making this dish a globe. A globe of pure food-holding loveliness. With a cap integrated on a rail mechanism, this tureen opens with ease by sliding. Thus adding to the pure perfection of…

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Donax Headphones by Apostol Tnokovski

Sounds from Seashells

Ever been to the beach and picked up a conch and listened to the heavenly sounds of the ocean? The soothing rhythms have such a calming effect and it’s probably this that inspired Apostol Tnokovski to design the Donax Headphones. Fashioned in matte colored plastic in combination with artificial leather, this concept looks smoking hot in black and white. What do you think? Designer: Apostol Tnokovski…

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Hydra Modern Piano by Apostol Tnokovski

Lady Gaga, This One Is Because Of You

If you have a bone to pick with regards to the designing of the Hydra Piano, you better fight Lady Gaga then. Apostol Tnokovski was enjoying one of her performances on the telly, when he realized that the old, boxy piano was a misfit on her stage! Aghast, he took to the drawing board and came up with this unique, some-what flowing concept that looks stunning in pure glossy white or black. To make matters complicated, the inspiration also comes f…

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Tick Tack Music Watch by Apostol Tnokovski

Music and Time On Your Wrist

…nt there too? This concept is called “Tick Tack Music Watch,” and I’ve got to say it’s pretty cute. Like a bunny rabbit cute. Designer A.Tnokovski plans on marketing it to “teens” and I think he’d be right. I’m thinking as soon as phone service becomes as “free” as internet service, we go ahead and build that in to Tick Tack 2, and we’ll be in business. Designer: Apostol Tnokovski…

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SLK Aphelios - Mercedes Concept by Apostol Tnokovski

Unexpected Wildlife Inspiration

…o of this car’s inspiration before the vehicle itself and assumed it would be completely ridiculous… after all, who designs a Mercedes after a fish (a trout no less)?? But upon seeing the actual car, I had a complete change of heart! Though its inspiration is unexpectedly organic, the SLK Aphelios exhibits futuristic styling and a touch of fluid elegance that’s … well… very Mercedes-like! Designer: Apostol Tnokovski…

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A Really Really Portable Iron

…wn irons. They’re becoming smaller, thinner, and lighter but the simply and aptly named Portable Iron unfolds from a slim boxed inclosure by rail mechanism. It don’t get more portable than this. The double heating plates are spring loaded between them perfect to slip collars and cuffs into. It’s battery powered for true mobility too. Now argue amongst yourselves about the feasibility of this concept. Designer: Apostol Tnokovski…

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Lennon meets Great Gatsby

The Ripples sunglasses are a beautiful blend of classic retro and art deco. Designed to give you rainbows for eyebrows, these circle-rimmed frames are a timeless and genderless marriage between Metal, PLastic, and Tinted Glass. Designer: Apostol Tnokovski…

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