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Welcome to the Glamourous Life of a Full-Time Professional Designer! Watch Yourself!

Car. PC. Car. TV. -These are the days of our lives. Andy Kurovets gets silly with his “Cycle Life,” breaking up life into the four segments of an average computer-using persons working day. Each segment is assigned the machine most used: TV, PC, or Car, beginning with WAKE UP! and ending with GO TO SLEEP! Don’t let the wit-bugs bite! Andy Kurovets gets stung: It’s my watch-joke. A clock demonstrate boring and of the same…

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Leaves Bracelet Watch Concept by Andy Kurovets

Time in a Bangle

Leaves is a concept watch inspired by women’s fashion. Look closely and you’ll see the shape of two leaves, hence the name. One leaf indicates hour while the other – minutes. Other than that, there’s nothing revolutionary about the concept but it seems to be a nice balance between fashion and tech gadgetry which is actually rare in women’s accessories. Kudos Andy Kurovets. Designer: Andy Kurovets…

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Maze Of Time Watch by Andy Kurovets

Revenge Of The G-Spot Mouse

Its International Women’s Day and its befitting that I confuse you guys with Andy Kurovets’ Maze Of Time. There is a connection between the two… you had fun at the expense of the female anatomy and now it’s time to pay for those silly smirks! The Maze Of Time watch uses colors in a kaleidoscopic way to represent the time. So when you see a chaotic yellow line below, it’s actually the number “1”. Blue is the number “2”, red color stands for “3”,…

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Fertilization Watch Concept by Andy Kurovets

How Are Babies Made! Watch!

Shock Therapy with Andy Kurovets!! The next time your curious kid asks you how are babies made, just show him your wrist sporting the “Fertilization Watch!” Explain that the little sperm showing the minutes and hours is moving forth to fertilize the central ovule! And that’s how timely babies are born! * Note: the last image is your biology lesson for the day! Enjoy! Designer: Andy Kurovets…

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Electric Slide Mobile Get Bent!

Why bother with one screen when you can have two for probably double the price? Designer Andy Kurovets presents his “Bend Mobile” concept. He thinks turning on a device and having it grow to nearly double its size will really be attractive to some people. He may be right but where is the proof? Oh right, he is also including a high capacity digital camera that also pops out to larger than expected proportions. All that and it’s…

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Hygienic Sanitary Pad Layers Table and Sanitary Tampon USB by Andy Kurovets

Confused Between Mensuration And Menstruation?

I am having a crass sense of humor today thanks to designer Andy Kurovets, who brings us the Hygienic Sanitary Pad Layers Table and Sanitary Tampon USB! As if it wasn’t uncomfortable enough watching those adverts on the TV where “Blue Water” was soaked up by a pad, that now we gals have to endure an entire shelves-table depicting the layers of sanitary napkin soaking up the actual stuff. Maybe the boys need to know the difference between Mensura…

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Headphones Kinda Neon Evangelion w/ Built-in Webcam

This unnamed design by Andy Kurovets and Kris Dekeijser is a headphone that doubles as a webcam. That giant crystal on the side is actually a cover hiding the lens. The idea is no matter where you’re listening to music, seeing your friends is just a crystal popping moment away. Would be amazing if someone could write software to see the world as only the side of your head could while listening to music. OR this could just be the next best…

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Referee Third Eye Watch Concept by Andy Kurovets

What Do FIFA Referees Lack? Third Eye

…ional referee who shall be monitored game on the screen. And after browsing through Bluetooth make a decision by the watch “Referee Third Eye “. Accordingly, in a situation where for example it was offside, the video referee on the watch flashed to red light and the chief arbiter at once to make objective decisions. (See the situations in the picture). “Referee Third Eye” – best decision. Designer: Andy Kurovets…

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