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Porsche Design Smartphone Concept by André Duarte Silva

Porsche Design Smartphone For Your Cellphone Wet Dreams!

…plus use the dual camera system to record 3D video and pictures. And of course, for low light situations there is a LED flash included! Other specs include Android based system with custom apps developed by André. A 3,5mm audio jack and a sleep button on the top, and on the bottom there’s the battery charger and USB connecter as well. All good on paper…like I said, a wet dream for the techie-lover in you! Designer: André Duarte Silva…

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Lacie Float by André Silva

Harddrive with a Trackpad FTW

…s a trackpad that doubles as a harddrive that doubles as an all-access machine. There’s an HDD version and an SSD version, the top is made with carbon fiber and the base is made of glass. The top is sensitive to touch, and the whole project is green as it can be. This is one of those projects where you really wish there were just a few more details that’d made it turn into a real live product. Inspiring! Designer: André Duarte Silva…

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