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Metrocar by Aleksandar Dimitrov

Organic Aesthetic Transportation

…e power of 3D rendering software. This is all realer than real. Master of this sort of illustration is designer Aleksandar Dimitrov, one who Yanko’s featured once before. What this project consists of is an organically shaped positive energy metro car for relaxing travel. A giant yet compact 2-sided sitting module is what this consists of, and in it, a fabulously futuristic experience you will find. I don’t know what dimension or year…

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Business Travelers Train Interior by Aleksandar Dimitrov

Train of Your Business

…ot any more! Never again will you be caught sitting next to Ron! You’ve got trusty designer and 3D expert Aleksandar Dimitrov on your side! He’s gonna whip you up a Business Travelers Train Interior in no time flat! What a comfortable looking place to chill out. Yes? I don’t mean to hate on English trains, especially since of all the trains I’ve been on, the ones in England certainly weren’t the worst. But compared t…

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A Desk of Transformers

…e transformable desk for creative persons, Kkanapètko. In the description we received from the designer, Krassi Dimitrov, I thought I read “crazy persons” and immediately got excited. Turns out it really is “creative persons,” but when it comes down to it, I know because I am one, creative persons and crazy persons are often one in the same. And speaking as a crazy creative, I say right now, this is a wonderful desk. Tiny…

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Kanapetko by Krassi DImitrov

Collapsable Table, Great Drawers

…y up to take up little space when not in use, and folds out to be a comfortable working place, equipped with “all the things that a designer might need. The desk has three drawers on the main side, a drawer for a printer or scanner on the back side. There’s a lighting floor, extendible cable, and stereo speaker to connect iPods or other kinds of music players. Great running action on the drawers with a Servo-Drive system that works wi…

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Braun Concept Electric Toothbrush by Aleksandar Andreevski

The Men’s Only Toothbrush

…a design could be created that identifies only with one gender. A look at this concept and it is clear that it’s a sexy men’s-only electric toothbrush! Mission accomplished! As Aleksandar puts it, “The design of the electric toothbrush is also well connected to its performance – aesthetically designed but also functionally in terms of the requirement to take care of your teeth in the best possible way.” Designer: Aleksandar Andreevski…

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Hungry Robots Devour Domestic Pests

…pacitor for some juice. Fly-Paper Robotic Clock Oh this one is an awesome contraption! There is flypaper on a roller mechanism involved here and some blades. The flypaper attracts some pesky flies and then it rolls and passes it over a blade. The poor dud is then scraped into a microbial fuel cell where it’s used to provide juice for a small LCD clock. Innovative recycling! Designers: James Auger, Jimmy Loizeau & Aleksandar Zivanovic…

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25 Amazing Skyscraper Concepts

25 Amazing Skyscraper Concepts

…th K. Mendoza Fragoso 19) Human Rights Skyscraper in Beijing by Ren Tianhang, Luo Jing & Kang Jun 20) Noah’s Ark: Sustainable City by Aleksandar Joksimovic & Jelena Nikolic 21) Tundra City by Pavel Sipkin 22) GreenGru Airportscraper by Gerasimos Pavlidis 23) Oceanscraper by Hui Chen & Luying Guo 24) Tehran Tower by Mahdi Kamboozia, Alireza Esfandiari, Nima Dehghani & Mohammad Ashkbar Sefat 25) Floaring City by Wei Zhao…

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