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Smart Kid multi-functional article of furniture by Adensen Furniture

The Whole Childhood Made of Wood

…the “Smart Kid,” parents will find themselves loving the lack of store-going activities they’ll have to do, and the amount of child-engaging activities their little tikes will have! Crib, changing table, storage drawers for linens and baby care accessories, changes into a playpen, or a desk with a chalkboard, a bigger bed, sets of drawers apart, everything a kid needs in furniture up to 10 years old. Designer: Adensen Furniture…

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Every Degree Above

…n life. So I’ll need one of these. It’s the “360° Lamp” designed by Pavel Sidorenko for Adensen Furniture. It’s plastic with a mirror surface. Deja vu. “This lamp will fill your home with soft calming light.” Several designs, original laser engraving. Available with one to four patterns. And there’s a weird part! Literally, literally, the “superfluous circle” from the center of the lamp…

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Line wall mounted coat rack by Pavel Sidorenko of Adsen Furniture

How Simple the Rack

…rack and let it fit between slits, or use one of the addition options. First you can use pegs that come with it, plugging them in the holes there. Second you can use the “Line” set of objects which, incidentally, I wrote about just the other day. Have a peek! Any way you hang it, your elders are going to have a heck of a time adapting, and your youngsters will figure it out in a moment. Designer: Pavel Sidorenko of Adensen Furniture…

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Hangin Hallway Fun

…adults to put all over their walls. Now something about these says they’d be better with an additional accessory. What would that be? Maybe it’s the rack you’ve been waiting for all your life. More on that later this week. For now, TODO. There are 16 items, 7 different color cords. All you gotta do to order is plug in the code 1 + 15 + Y is cloud plus gear plus yellow. Hook it up! Designer: Pavel Sidorenko of Adensen Furniture…

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Wilson’s Childrens

…u see here is a room divider that’s super super cute. It’s called the “Trennwand” and it’s a free-standing room divider. It’s also a fence, I’m sure you’ve noticed. It’s made to bend, can hold things such as magazines and newspapers in it, acts as a block for block’s sake, and it’s got a fabulous little hole in it for peeking. Kawaii! Designer: Pavel Sidorenko of Adensen Furniture…

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