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A Playful Meeting Between Wall and Floor

…anko there, right? Those are cool! Addi’s bookcase, called “Billy’s Brother”, is totally Radikal Arkitektur. According to Addi, “Billy’s Brother can be seen in the Premio Vico Magistratti catalog for DePadova in cooperation with Designboom.” Those books look to be falling off but POW! -they’re more stable than a normal case. Take THAT, gravity. – Addi Design Group. Designer: Addi Design Group…

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Can I Bum a Seat?

…it takes any fart you let loose and turns up the juice to 12. That’s why this is number 12. 13. Issit by Addi Design Group. Ohh, fancy strange mysterious ladies with balloons! Oh and what’s that they’re sitting on? Is it some sculptural public seating? You betcha! As you can see, the balloon lady is modeling the lowered portion of the 3-seat stand, while the short haired lady shows you what the other two look like in resting po…

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Paris Hilton Eaten by Bullet-Proof Tiger

…en the chance, would rip your freaking head off! But they are endangered. So do not kill them, please. Instead, ADDI design group wishes for you to design products for those deadly beasts who need to be saved for extinction. Won’t you design? Generally I don’t do direct quotes, as it leads to total theft! But in this case, let’s be socialistic about this information, because it’s important that everyone have it: [Animal Co…

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Like Most Fans, This One Gets Tired

…s going to get used up. But true to form, humans don’t really give much of a hoot about such things. What Addi Design Group wants to say is: you should feel this pull physically, every single day. (Or at least every day you need a fan.) With “Our Biggest Fan” who’s head, when not in use, droops down like a wilted flower. Sad, huh? The fan is activated and kept upright by a leather strap running down its back. When the stra…

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Sculptural Public Seating

…nature and the dynamic possibilities of evolution, the Issit was design for airports and train stations. The chair(?) acts like a sculpture and armature when it’s not occupied – the seats rise automatically when you leave and return to their upright position. I like the idea and design tho I would yell at anyone attempting to sit on the two other seats because I want the entire thing for myself. My throne. Designer: Addi Design Group…

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