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Form Beyond Function

Coffee Chemistry

The G-Drip coffee maker takes inspiration from the “pour over” technique well-known among true coffee connoisseurs. With its Erlenmeyer-style vessel and lab-like aesthetic, it…

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What Lies Beneath

The SVPER concept smartphone stands out with super aesthetics that are highly focused on minimalism without losing individualism. Most noticeably is the ultra-smooth screen…


Be an Accu-Chef

Designed around the idea that accuracy is everything in the kitchen, Commis is an all-in-one, clever combination of two (perhaps even 3) commonly used…


A New Breed of Bag

The Standard Pacific Rucksack and Weekender bags are designed to bring the world of adventure, travel, business and street wear together! A sleek leather…


Hipster Horsie

Expose young minds to creativity and it really nourishes them mentally. That’s one way in which designers are made! The Epona is a rocking…