Uber Cute and Uber Useful Keychains

Uber Cute and Uber Useful Keychains

Available in different colors these keychains called Cinquino, inspired by cars, are meant to be like a small collection of zoomorphic mascots. The design is simple. You squeeze a soft top cushion to activate the LED headlights. Yea that’s it. Don’t kill me. So it’s not the most AMAZING and complex design we’ve ever featured but COM’ON it’s uber CUTE!

0 Designer: Enrico Pandolfini

It's a BabyQ

It’s a BabyQ

Bring the BabyQ by Erik Lieberenz to your next gathering for some offhand fun. It’s small enough to fit in your bag, but big enough to fill 2 to 3 empty bellies. Each half is made from stainless steel, and nests together when not being used. It even comes with a little coal sack to neatly carry your charcoal with you.

0 Designer: Erik Lieberenz

Foodies Rejoice, Eat Right From The Pot

Foodies Rejoice, Eat Right From The Pot

If you’re like me then you love eating but hate the clean up. Many a time I’ve eaten straight out of the pot just because I didn’t want to deal with washing plates later. The Pot Plate is the perfect solution. Cook your food inside and use the compartmentalized lid as a serving tray.

0 Designers: Joongho Choi & Hyunsoo Choi

Sewing in the Beats Like I'm Vivienne Westwood

Sewing in the Beats Like I’m Vivienne Westwood

In our modern internet age, designing things that can be fully put together and taken apart (physically or digitally), is generally a good idea. But sometimes, bridges to nowhere bring you to the strangest places! Presenting the hottest new device to make sound visible.

Who would have guessed it’d be a sewing machine?

0 Designer: Sounds.Butter Studio

Specific Materiality

Specific Materiality

Blurring the line between sculpture, furniture, and millwork is one of our favorite topics. These days the categories are not as easily definable as they once were. First and foremost there is the influence of new technologies, which are sometimes turned into a style in and of itself. More interesting to me is the blurring of attention that allows young designers to simply ignore any form of category. That is why we are very partial to custom furniture masters at Martin Sprouse Furniture.

0 Designer: Martin Sprouse

The Next Big Thing: Masochistic German Furniture

The Next Big Thing: Masochistic German Furniture

Designed deliberately to be uninviting, the Unidentified Object Chair by Prime supposedly redefines what our perspective on furniture should be. While the bottom half is comprised of laminated wood, the top half of the painful pyramid is filled with foam for a ‘comfortable sit’. I’m not saying this is a complete waste of fabric and timber, but I’m not a fan of anything that tries this hard to make us think about design.

0 Designers: Prime

3Poeng Lamp Stands on Just 1 Leg

3Poeng Lamp Stands on Just 1 Leg

If there was a perfect lamp to go with your leaning shelves, it would be the leaning 3Poeng lamp from Isabelle Olsson and Martin Meier. Inspired by birch tree forests outside Stockholm, the lamp uses just three legs to stabilize itself up against a wall, with rubber to give it traction. Without a static foot to ground it, the lamp invites constant repositioning and movement, something any interior can benefit from.

0 Designers: Isabelle Olsson & Martin Meier

The 8 Challenges the Modern Handheld Communication Device Community... or Does it?

The “8″ Challenges the Modern Handheld Communication Device Community… or Does it?

With the Weird on the rise, is there any room for flip phones and extra-small touchscreens? Kyung-Ryul Lim + Miyeon Kim have designed the “8,” a handheld communication device which makes use of two flip-up touch-screens with video, telephone, dictionary, and undoubtedly many other programs. Is there a market?

0 Designers: Kyung-Ryul Lim & Miyeon Kim

Polish Tour De Force

Polish Tour De Force

The Slovak Republic is attempting to launch itself onto designs world stage with the newly formed “Exhibition Creator 2008″ While the name is as cryptic as it is uninspiring, the talent being unearthed is certainly worth some attention.

The “Neon Lamp” my look like lighting from space, but for designer Lucia Mrvíková its inspiration is actually a lot closer to home.

0 Exhibition: Creater

Welcome to the Glamourous Life of a Full-Time Professional Designer! Watch Yourself!

Welcome to the Glamourous Life of a Full-Time Professional Designer! Watch Yourself!

Car. PC. Car. TV. -These are the days of our lives. Andy Kurovets gets silly with his “Cycle Life,” breaking up life into the four segments of an average computer-using persons working day. Each segment is assigned the machine most used: TV, PC, or Car, beginning with WAKE UP! and ending with GO TO SLEEP! Don’t let the wit-bugs bite!

0 Designer: Andy Kurovets

Too Soon? Seemingly Recession-Proof Aston Martin Presents the Luxury One-77

Too Soon? Seemingly Recession-Proof Aston Martin Presents the Luxury “One-77″

Literally hand-crafted features, production of only 77 units (that’s 77 cars made, ever,) and cost around a couple million dollars. Is this for real? Aston Martin creates a designer dream-car that defies the imagination of the middle class and acts as a masthead for the company:

“all [the] beauty we could bring to a car.”

0 Designer: Marek Reichmann + Aston Martin Design Team

I'm Feeling Alright

I’m Feeling “Alright”

Born of Japanese and Danish influences, Joseph Riehl’s Alright rocking chair looks like a comfortable addition to any room, fitting right in with that Ikea sofa you just can’t get rid of. While the low rise design may suit gamers more than most, the chair could rock anyone to sleep with the rubber mount that stretches and compresses in any direction. It’s a good thing the bent arcs give the joints extra strength, because I could see myself spending a lot of time in something like this.

0 Designer: Joseph Riehl

Leaky Roof Brightens Your Day

Leaky Roof Brightens Your Day

The art of lighting design is finding ways to articulate glaring light out over surfaces without inefficiently wasting too much of the lamp’s power. Daniel Becker accomplishes that in his “Melting Light” by hanging an LED packed ‘raindrop’ below a rippling plastic reflector. The brilliance of Daniel’s light is in the rippling shape; by spreading the otherwise harsh reflection out over three concentric circles, the glare and shadows are softened and become pleasing to the eye.

0 Designer: Daniel Becker