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Form Beyond Function

A Twist on the Trash Can

Designed for those with limited limb functionality, the Pack Master makes tying and taking out the trash a cinch! Cut out directly on the…


Easy Pop!

For anyone who’s ever struggled popping a soda can, the Turning Lid makes it easier than ever to get the goodies inside! The simple…

Earlier This Week


3D Printing Plastic Waste at Sea

To raise awareness and combat the issue of of micro-plastics in the ocean, the Gyrecraft project explores turning trash into treasure directly onboard the…


Audi Grand Prix Union Reborn

We don’t know much about the 2017 Audi Union, but we do know we’re drooling. Inspired by the brand’s famed 1930s Silver Arrows, this…

Time Flipped

OClock is a stylish, minimal wall clock that inverts our perception of traditional time telling. Instead of the traditional moving hands, the design features…