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Original Breath – Window Based Air Purifier by Yu-Cheng Wang

The Original Air

…ction fan), an outer glass and plants. So basically what happens is that the air enters the room only after passing through this sealed ventilation box. Regular air is sucked in with the help of the fan and the plants do their thing by absorbing the carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen. The air that is filtered into the room is much cleaner and fresher than before. Clever! Original Breath is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry. Designer: Yu-Cheng Wang…

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Black & White Camera Concept by Choi Giuk

Back-To-Back Camera

…g enough, imagine handling two of them at the same time! This is not the first time I am seeing designers dabble with the thought of having two cameras married into one, so that the user can capture two different views at one go. I guess this takes panorama pictures a step ahead. Maybe marry it with some 3-D augmentation and we have a deal! Canon, are you listening? Black & White Camera is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry. Designer: Choi Giuk…

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Stir Then Squeeze - Instant Coffee Stick by Yu-Ren Lai

Simple Coffee Fix

The ‘Stir Then Squeeze’ is neither the first nor the last attempt in unifying the coffee-creamer-stirrer process. However what makes this attempt stand out, is the perfect methodology involved in the coffee – creamer dispensing. Sorry for being biased, but I am a coffee addict, and anything to do with making it easy to get to my cuppa joe, and I’m sold! Stir Then Squeeze is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry. Designer: Yu-Ren Lai…

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Slide Chopping Knife by Andreas Kalt

Chopping Slide

Love this unique and sleek chopping knife by Andreas Kalt! Reminds me of how Nigella goes on a chopping spree with her herbs. Because of its bulk size and sharp blades, the knife disassembles and can be safely stowed in a drawer. I bet your kitchen can do with this baby, and so can mine! Slide is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry. Designer: Andreas Kalt…

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iHead Headphone Concept by Sungak Kim

In And Outta The Ear

Like everything Apple, the iHead Headphone concept looks at unifying the process into functionality. It marries the music player with the headphone and gives you the option of listening to it out loud. So speakers, headphones and player all rolled into one! Say let’s get a tasty bite out of this juicy fruit. iHead Headphone is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry. Designer: Sungak Kim…

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Smart City Bike by Yo-Hwan Kim

Smarter Ride

…at you may have to carry some luggage with you when you head out. It could be as simple as groceries or toys for your children. The rear wheel of the cycle hosts extendable compartments that can hold your goodies for you. If required, then the storage extension can be completely removed as well. Either ways, it’s a modular cycle that suits your daily commuting needs. The Smart City Cycle is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry. Designer: Yo-Hwan Kim…

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CAMER-ing Digital Camera by Hyeonsik Studio & Jeon Yengwon

Ringing The Images

The CAMER-ing is a discreet digital camera that is designed as a ring. It works in sync with a tablet-esque platform that allows you to sift through what you have captured. The basic idea is to let you capture images on the go without the hassle of the bulk. Also, some radical snapshots can be taken when pictured from the index-finger level! What fun! CAMER-ing is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry. Designers: Hyeonsik Studio & Jeon Yengwon…

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Laser Trash Can by He Hao Chen

Guessing Game # 16

What is this? Plain and simple rules: leave your guess in the comments and win loads of accolades and a shower of praises. Let’s see how good you are at the Guessing Game! Say hello to the Laser Trash Can, which is an iF Design Talents (2012) entry. The idea behind the concept is to make it easy to seal the trash disposal bag in a jiffy. This makes sure you dispose garbage hygienically; sweet! Designer He Hao Chen…

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