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A Complex Table that’s Simply Beautiful

…joined on a frame composed of steel tubes and threaded rods. This unique construction relies entirely on bolts meaning you won’t find any screws or glue! Even the legs are held in place by an extension of the rod that elegantly curves downward and out. Each lath that makes up the top surface is different in tone and unique in size, giving each potential production unique character that can’t be replicated. Designer: Arnaud Auclair…

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Ten Innovative Designs To Help The Sight Impaired

…ts texts in books, newspapers, contracts, mail, business cards, etc., into voice information. 2) Swatch Sens by Arnaud Lapierre Swatch Sens is a ceramic ring clock with the 12 hour point marked with Braille. It has two rings, one for the time and the other to set an alarm. The design is simple and easy to understand, and can be really useful. 1) Rubik Cube For Blind by Zhiliang Chen This specialized Rubik Cube has six different basic materials: M…

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