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Tapeworm, the Good Kind

Tapeworm is a strip that slides into any roll of tape for an instant tape dispenser. Due to the high yield strength of the material used, Tapeworm returns to its original flat shape despite significant bending and tension. It’s also friendly to you stomach and intestinal track so no worries there. Designer: Paul Sandip…

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Jazzing Up Push Pins

Poke is a push pin cushion that’s supposed to look like a naked porcupine. It’s up to you to create something that actually resembles the animal. Not exactly highly conceptual and I can’t believe that something like this doesn’t already exist but it does have one thing going for it. The cushion is made from a material that won’t wear out from you constantly sticking pins in it. Joy! Designer: Paul Sandip…

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Ten Creative Cutlery Concepts And Designs

…9) Handy Spoon For Baby by Thomas Franke A complete package for tending to baby’s meal-time needs. 8 ) SPOO by Paul Sandip This one’s more for the parents than the baby to be fed. It’s comfortable to use for right and left handed folks, making it an ingenious concept! 7) Famia – Feminine Cutlery by Mulu+Milano Design Studio Using a feminine approach to designing cutlery, this collection looks neat on the dinner table when placed in a set p…

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