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Form Beyond Function

Illuminating Oars

Pärnu’s Paddle Lamp lights the way on the river shore path in the city of Pärnu, Estonia. The creatives at KEHA3 designed the thematic…

Earlier This Week


A Little Better Ladder

Hoisting tools up while you climb a ladder for tall tasks can be not only exhausting but dangerous. Why not keep your entire toolbox…


Security for the Sightless

Doing away with the need to fiddle with or carry easily lost keys! This combination lock for the visually impaired uses Braille for fuss-free…


A Cooler Ruler

This feels like Safety Month. Last week we saw a Safe Cutter, a Safe Drill, and a functional Band-aid, and now we have ourselves…


Unbearably Cute Tools

Bear Papa screwdrivers offer a friendly introduction of tools to kids that you can keep safely at home. The body of each lovable bear…


Long-Term Coast Guard

Apparently, you can literally see garbage in the oceans from space. Currents carry them and they cluster at certain points and have begun forming…


Bendy wendy Bandaid

This is possibly the most simple thing but it’s high time band-aids became less of an annoying eyesore. They fray and come apart, sometimes…


Swang that Thang

For heating beverages without the need for external appliances, the R-CUP generates its own heat with a simple built-in rotating system. Within the cup…