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3 on 2 Moto

However minimal it looks, this incredibly original take on group motorcycling imagines up to three people on two wheels! While it only has one…


Loopy Lighting

Loop is a small flashlight with a long list of uses. Designed with the active user in mind, it’s perfect for camping, hikes, backpacking…

Stript And Turnt!

This stripped-down turntable was designed to display the “inner” workings of the device that would normally be shielded from the user’s view. With an…


Make the Unmakeable

Designed to mimic a delicate natural environment, the Grow Pod’s unique shape and material qualities are only made possible through 3D printing. The pod…


No-Mess Utensils

iLoveHandles has rethought the angle of traditional utensils to put a little distance between what touches food and what rests on the table. Cantilever…


CKIE: Suprematism Watch

The Suprematism watch stems from the Suprematist movement propagated by Russian artist Kazimir Malevich. With the use of strictly geometric shapes and vivid color…