Product Design

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Reminder - Reusable Sticky Note by Sun Jin

The Modern Memo

This modern stationary concept reimagines the sticky note as a reusable, eco-friendly alternative to wasteful paper notes. Simply called Reminder, the gadget works similar to a…

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Bright Pole by Tae Min Kim, Se Mi Kim and Hee Yeon Hwang

Light and Day

The Bright Pole is an innovative lighting system aimed at the hawking community and street stalls. The flexible pole not only features safe lighting but also…

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Puncho - Intelligent Boxing Glove by Emami Design

Pack In A Punch

The Puncho is an innovative boxing glove that integrates sensors. These help make the gloves ‘intelligent’ and measure details like the force of the punch, the…

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Nurture - Living Fruit Basket by Hyunhee Hwang

The Modern Harvest

The Nurture project began with an exploration into the usage of the term “fresh” in the food industry. Super-fresh foods are in high demand with the…

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Ottone - Bedside Table by Laura Pirrone for Formabilio

The Bedside Guardian

Ottone, the latest in Formabilio’s collection of modern furnishings, is simplistic without lacking personality. Like a playful bedside guardian, Ottone’s eager eyes give life to the…