Product Design

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Control Your Sight – Snorkeling Glasses by Yootaek Jung

Deep Sea Love

My scuba diving experience at the Great Barrier Reef was a pretty awesome one; the guys strapped me up in a wetsuit with all…

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Way Out Light – Emergency Exit Lighting and Water Sprinkler System by Hwang Jong Gyu, Lee Sung-ho and Choe Heun Guk

This Way Out

The ‘Way Out Light’ is a fire alarm and sprinkler system that activates the lighting for the emergency exit route in the event of…

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E-Drip Stand by Lee,Yin-Kai, Lai,Chih-Wei, Wang, Szu-Hsin, Huang Yu-Chang

IV Made Easy

However useful, IV units can and do become dangerous when neglected. In serious cases, the back-flow of blood from gravity can cause tremendous pain,…