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No More Woof - Animal Mind Reader by The Nordic Society for Discovery & Invention

No More Woof!

Ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Well, the No More Woof project might be the first step in answering that question. The concept uses the…

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Modkat Litter Box by Modko

Purrrfect Potty

The Modkat litter box is for the modern kitty who’s particular about potty-time! The award winning design features “rooftop” access so your cat can do their…

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Coffin for Pets by HURLUBERLU

10 Lives

Better face it now – one day Fluffy’s time will come too! Awww, I know… sad. But here’s a way to remember your long lost pet…

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Qcha - Cat House by Daniela Ogis, Stefano Ogis, & Fabrizio Fillo

Purrrfect Subtlety

Even if you don’t have cats, you’re probably familiar with those carpeted climbing towers and just how aesthetically atrocious they are. Not cute! The Qcha cat…

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Q-Ring - Dog Teeth Cleaner by Yunfan Tan

Brush N’ Play

If you’ve ever tried to brush your dogs teeth then you’re familiar with the awkwardness that ensues. If they only knew you were trying to help!…