Nissan Mori Scooter. My First Car

Nissan Mori Scooter. My First “Car”

Our own little Shane Crozier may be a YD writer but he spends most of his time toiling away with ideas and concepts meant to make life easier and a little more fun. The Nissan Mori is an electric scooter inspired by a chest of draws featuring simple interfaces. It can adjust to suit the rider, and all mechanical and maintenance issues are handled by an on-board computer. Why would anyone want this? Hit the jump to read Shane’s scenario.

0 Designer: Shane Crozier

Suzuki's Green Machine

Suzuki’s Green Machine

The good folks at Suzuki are serious about going green and have been spotted testing their latest concept, the Suzuki Crosscage Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle. With no gears, no noise, no clutch and no emissions, this hydrogen fuel cell / electric hybrid two-wheeler just might be the future of motorcycles and is closer to reality than you might think. Seriously, there is a guy riding one in these pictures, you won’t hear it coming, but it is.

0 Design: Suzuki

Born to be Wild Design

Born to be Wild Design

In the competitive world of sleek and wind splitting motorcycle design, aero-dynamic drag efficiency takes a back seat only to face stretching speed and performance. This latest concept by NON-OBJECT called “nUCLEUS” throws out the current rule book and presents this “Square Against Air” electric motorcycle design. nUCLEUS boasts a thin comfortable saddle and horse-like behavior that lowers itself when idle and raises when in motion.

0 Designer: Non-Object

A little light security...

A little light security…

Gosh I love objects with a multi-purpose! Some things in our lives really should be multi-purpose eg. the TV, it really is just a screen with speakers. Why can’t it be a microwave oven as well? or a wireless router for my internet? It just sits there taking up space, and taking my attention. But I digress and ask you to cast your eyes on this multi-purpose bicycle lock / bicycle light by designer Adrian Weidmann, he calls it “Loc+”… uh, ok.

0 Designer: Adrian Weidmann

One Seriously Tight Light Bike

One Seriously Tight Light Bike

Like to ride your bike after the sun sets? Are you a real Night Rider? Confused as to why trucks don’t seem to notice your pleads for attention and keep slamming your bones around the city streets? Well if you like life and don’t want to die while cruising down the avenues after dark, this bike design by Rudi Moosmeier called “Tong City Bike” just might be all the vehicular enlightenment you’ll need.

0 Designer: Nr21 Design

Never Miss Breakfast with Bikefast

Never Miss Breakfast with Bikefast

With this breakfast design, one will never be too late at work or school again. When you have overslept, the first thing you do to hurry up is skipping your breakfast. To prevent that skipping, Philipp Drexler invented the Bikefast. Now you can jump on your bicycle and have your breakfast during the ride.

0 Designer: Philipp Drexler

GrassHopper The Folding Recumbent Bike

GrassHopper The Folding Recumbent Bike

Now you can have a great ride at a small package. Within 60 seconds, the fully suspended GrassHopper touring recumbent can be folded down to 96 x 60 x 70 cm. In the heart of the stiff aluminum unisize frame there is a robust folding hinge with an integrated security bolt for double safety.

0 Designer: Daniel Pulvermuller [ Manufacturer: HP Velotechnik ]

Oryx, The Bike From The Future

Oryx, The Bike From The Future

Oryx is an innovative time trial bike with a one-sided fork and chain-stay. Due to its Y-frame shape, it’s comfortably shock-proof without loosing ground contact.

Each bike is custom-made which guaranties the perfect fit for every rider and simplifies manufacturing; handle bars, stem and fork are made from one piece. The ergonomically shaped seat post and saddle are integrated into the frame with a hole to cool your bum even!

0 Designer: Harald Cramer

'One' - Folding Bicycle by Thomas Owen

‘One’ – Folding Bicycle by Thomas Owen

‘One’ provides a real solution to the problems involved with urban transport. With congestion rapidly clogging up the roads the need for products that can free individuals from their car are in real demand. When open, ‘One’ is a comfortable stylish bicycle that not only offers all the benefits of cycling (like cheap travel and exercise) but with its revolutionary power assist system the user can cruise around with ease.

0 Designer: Thomas Owen

Giant Citystorm Bicycle by Michael Young

Giant Citystorm Bicycle by Michael Young

Giant, the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, challenged UK interior, industrial and product designer Michael Young to create a fresh concept for two-wheeled transport to anticipate the needs of savvy city lifestyle consumers. ‘The starting point of the project was to study bicycles that riders we considered not to be sportsmen chose to ride in cities’, Young explains.

0 Designer: Michael Young [ Product Page ]

Trek Lime Bike - Ride at Your Speed

Trek Lime Bike – Ride at Your Speed

Lime is for everyone. Designed specifically for the non-cyclist, or the 65% of Americans who currently don’t own or ride a bike. It’s simple, fun and inviting, welcoming you with a well-designed classic look and a natural heads-up riding position. Auto shifting lets you ride at your own speed. When you go faster, the bike upshifts smoothly to the next two gears. When you slow down the bike automatically downshifts, very much like the automatic shifting of your car.

0 Design: Trek [ Via: Ohgizmo ]

A-Bike - Folding Bicycle by Daka Design

A-Bike – Folding Bicycle by Daka Design

The A-bike is a revolutionary new folding bicycle that breaks new ground in the areas of weight, folded size and design. Weighing in at just 5.5 kg, this ultra-portable folding bicycle is the lightest in its class. By utilizing quick release clamps, fold and unfold only takes 10 seconds. Its key advantage is true portability.

0 Design: Daka Design

Honda Cub Motocycle by Sam Jibert

Honda Cub Motocycle by Sam Jibert

The Honda Cub motorcycle by Sam Jilbert utilises the potential for a radically revised layout, dispensing with convention due to its use of a hydrogen fuel cell. For so long has mankind had an addiction to the internal combustion engine with its limitations of form and package layout, but now totally revised and interesting concepts can be created by placing or moulding the hydrogen power-plant components in unusual and previously unfeasible forms.

0 Designer: Sam Jibert

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