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EB-0 - Electric Motorcycle by Franco Pessino


The EB-0 is an exotic evolution of the modern electric motorcycle that features high-performance bi-motor power delivered independently to each wheel. Other innovations include a windscreen-projected…

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Revolver - Motorcycle Concept by Darren Kuo

o2 Moto

If you’re one of those motorcycle purists who are more inclined to classic styling & time-proven mechanics, then… this is NOT the bike for you! The…

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Marshall Dicycle - Motorcycle/Amplifier by Yuhan Zhang

Rockin’ Dicycle

The Marshall (yes, as in the amp maker!) Dicycle combines the functionalities of two unexpected pairs in one wild cycle design that parties on the go!…

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Alstare Motorcycle by Rusak Kreaktive Designworks

Razor Sharp Racer

After 20 years of Superbike racing, and to celebrate an official comeback to professional competition, Alstare presents the 1st concept bike in his history with help…

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Arac ZXS Motorcycle by Mako Petrovic

The Ducati Hunter

I love my Triumph and rarely give second glances to other supersports, but daaayum this bike would get more than a head turn from me! Stylistically,…

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TT New Generation Chopper by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut

Modern Chopper

I know what you’re thinking – is this a cruiser or sportsbike? Well, the answer is yes to both. The TT New Generation Chopper has the…