World's Lightest Chess & Checkers by Paradoxy

World’s Lightest Chess & Checkers by Paradoxy

New Wave Chess & Checkers is the world’s lightest, simplest yet most tenacious game board. This 8″ square board is an inventive breakthrough in play on flat surfaces. It allows flat game pieces to stand up on the board with a full 3-D effect. The pieces can’t be blown away or shaken out! The pieces move only when you want to move them.

0 Designer: Paradoxy

Tio - Dress Your Chair

Tio – Dress Your Chair

Tio is an experience in creative expression that you can contribute to and enjoy changing as often as you choose, in your own home. At one level it is a crafted piece of furniture. But on another level it is the opportunity to creatively transform your living space at will. The Tio concept is a collaboration of creative minds.

0 Design: Tio

Paperclip Chair by Chris Kujawski

Paperclip Chair by Chris Kujawski

The Paperclip chair was inspired by, you guessed it, the paperclip, and it’s inherent strength, flexibility and concentric nature. Constructed from titanium rod and formed sheet aluminum, the chair would be ultra lightweight. The design of the frame also allows it to be stacked and transported easily. The cantilever lends flexibility to the frame, but the sitter is prevented from tilting all the way back by the concentric bar across the back of the chair.

0 Designer: Chris Kujawski

House-off Switch by Jack Godfrey Wood

House-off Switch by Jack Godfrey Wood

It is a switch that allows a user to turn off all non-essential electronic items in their home from a central switch. Push the button to turn your house on when you get home; push it again to turn it off when you leave. Aiming to make the green way the most convenient way, the House-off Switch was part of a larger project to encourage ‘green’ action among the environmentally disinfranchised.

0 Designer: Jack Godfrey Wood

Liika - Ironing Board with Suction Cups by Tony Zakrajsek

Liika – Ironing Board with Suction Cups by Tony Zakrajsek

The Liika ironing board utilizes suction cups which allow it to be attached to any non porous surface. This eliminates legs which can be knocked over and it also allows the device to be attached to a height level which is comfortable to the user, eliminating strain.

0 Designer: Tony Zakrajsek

Microsoft Surface - Surface Computing

Microsoft Surface – Surface Computing

Picture a surface that can recognize physical objects from a paintbrush to a cell phone and allows hands-on, direct control of content such as photos, music and maps. Today at the Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference, Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer will unveil Microsoft Surface, the first in a new category of surface computing products from Microsoft that breaks down traditional barriers between people and technology.

0 Designer: Microsoft [ Product Page ] [ Via: Gizmodo ]

YiAhn - Bassinet That Turns Storage & Table by Min Kang

YiAhn – Bassinet That Turns Storage & Table by Min Kang

It is not only a normal bassinet; when the baby outgrows his bassinet, it can also be used for storage such as a toy bin and a mini bookshelf with drawers. As the baby becomes a child, it can convert into a set of a chair and a table for children. It can also be used as a bassinet again, if the family has a second baby.

0 Designer: Min Kang

Phonograph CD Player by Yong Jieyu & Ama Xue Hong Bin

Phonograph CD Player by Yong Jieyu & Ama Xue Hong Bin

A CD player was disassembled and the components rearranged to suit the layout of a phonograph. The speakers are put below the trumpet loudspeaker for amplification. The wooden box is made slightly more spacious then the electrical PCB board needed to achieve bass resonance. The laser pointer is shifted to the top allowing the spin of the CD to be clearly shown.

0 Designer: Yong Jieyu & Ama Xue Hong Bin

Rift Vase by Keith Hatton

Rift Vase by Keith Hatton

The concept is taking the worst traits and way to cut wood, and utilizing it into something beautiful. Rift is cut from a Raw edge of wood, the most undesirable cut, which is then cut on the end grain, the weakest and most probable to warp. This is then bonded to a rubber core (future plans of using polylactic acid core) in order to hold water and allowing water to wash up on the wood to have a blossoming affect when used.

0 Designer: Keith Hatton

Chalkboard Dining Table by Henry Julier

Chalkboard Dining Table by Henry Julier

No need for the “napkin sketch”… now you can draw right on the table. The Chalkboard Table has a chalkboard top surface, allowing for creative expression during dinner. Seats 8, and has wheels for easy transportation.

0 Designer: Henry Julier

VU - Customizable Printed Table

VU – Customizable Printed Table

The Vu Coffee Table, designed by Vu Unlimited, can be customized with a printed acrylic or plain frosted top. The table legs are made of high quality satin aluminum which sit on casters; the total height is 9″. Send us your digital file or select the artwork from our online gallery to have your Vu Coffee Table customized with your own specifications.

0 Designer: Vu Unlimited Studio [ Via: Mocoloco ]

Orchadia - Mechanical Mobile Light by Mark Mckenna & Rodger Stevens

Orchadia – Mechanical Mobile Light by Mark Mckenna & Rodger Stevens

Karkula exhibited his favorite lighting designs at ICFF both practical and sculptural from New York and European designers that display a clever new use of raw material, special hand crafted elements or simply radiate light in a beautiful manner. Below image is Orchadia, collaborative work by Mark Mckenna and renowned wire sculptor Rodger Stevens.

0 Designer: Mark Mckenna & Rodger Stevens

Bombay Sapphire Prize 2008

Bombay Sapphire Prize 2008

The Bombay Sapphire Foundation has announced the launch of the world’s biggest international glass award, the Bombay Sapphire Prize 2008.

For the first time in its six-year history, the winner of the 20,000 Prize will be announced during the 2008 Salone del Mobile in Milan.

0 Source: Bombay Sapphire