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Elagone - Lamp by Elomax Agency

Latent Lighting

Though it’s quite simple, the Elagone lamp is remarkably versatile. An ultra-thin LED strip lines the inner core, diffusing the bright light into a warm, subtle…

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LED Street Lamp by Felix Runde

Stark Street Lamp

This LED street lamp design is centered around 3 compact, flat, versatile LED modules that have a minimal impact on the visible skyline. The modules can…

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Delight Lamp by Tianyu Xiao

Delight Lamp

Delight Lamp is a kitchen lamp that creates an intimate illumination for folks who enjoy homemade meal together with friends. As Xiao explains, “The design is…

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Lamp3 by Luís Porém


Its name might not make sense until you take a closer look at Lamp3’s wood legs, metal shades, and LED panels. If you’re still not catching…