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Pod - Indoor Gardening System by Casey Lin, Adam Ben-Dror, Robert Skene, Nick Johnston

Green Thumbs Up

Pod is a thoughtful indoor gardening system that expands on the trend of growing herbs and veggies in smaller, urban dwellings by making it easier than…

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Plant the Fence by Andrea Rekalidis

Plant Your Fence!

This creative modular fence concept takes from the classic archetypical backyard fence shape, reducing it to a metal lattice framework that’s perfect for your favorite climbing…

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Optical Tree by Lisa Pettibone

Tree of Light

There’s something about rainbows and light manipulation that has captivated people throughout time. The Optical Tree by Lisa Pettibone employs the playful optical effects of light…

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Miniville - Worm Compost System by Kermarrec Caroline, Alizée Lambert, with la Florentaise

World of Worms

Like many kids (and much to my parents dismay), I was mesmerized by worms! The Miniville compost system capitalizes on this obsession, teaching kids the importance…

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Crab - Fuel Cell Lawn Mower by Otto Polefko and Balazs Botos


The innovative Crab lawn mower aims to cut back on both environmental and noise pollution caused by conventional mowers. The hydrogen fuel cell powered mower runs…