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Pontiac Solstice 2 Concept Car by Dejan Hristov

Pontiac Solstice 2.0?

Never mind that Pontiac is a dead and a defunct company. Designer Dejan Hristov has his vision for the next Solstice and I’m wondering if it…

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Deuterium future tractor by Prithu Paul

Balls of Farming Fury

Designer Prithu Paul has quite a treat in store for you here. It’s a tractor of the imagination, one like you’ve never seen before, one made…

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Metro Inspiro by BMW DesignworksUSA

If BMW Designed Rails

The Siemens group commissioned BWM’s subsidiary Designworks USA to develop a sprawling metro railway for Los Angeles, Munich and Singapore. Aptly called the Metro Inspiro, the…

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Transport Overgrown

It’s quite often that we bear witness to transport systems being run into the ground, dust covered, dirt covered, rust and paint chips breaking away until…