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Hybrid Energy Buoy by Tae Hoon Lee and Sung Yong Kim

Buoy oh Buoy

Presenting the full future of sea traffic control. This is a new kind of buoy designed by Tae Hoon Lee and Sung Yong Kim,…

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Astrum Meera concept car by John Baltazar plus Hussain and Ali Almossawi

Dome of Justice

This is one fabulous looking concept car, that I must say. Every once in a while a concept comes along that is not only…

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HUGE Rolling

Hooray for designer Arturo Ariño R! I love so very much to do write-ups on wild vehicles such as this. This spectacular automotive goes…

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ECODRIVE – Cycle Concept by Juil Kim

The Smartphone Bicycle

Safety protocols say to keep both hands on the handlebars but they also say use hand gestures to signal turn intention. Contradiction! The Ecodrive…