E'mo, No Not That Kind

E’mo, No Not That Kind

Unlike the ubiquitous Emo culture – this lightweight all electric cart called the E’mo is a lot cooler to be seen with around town. It’s extremely lightweight (325 kg) with a fold down top for hair raising driving; good weather permitting of course. A series of Li-on batteries powers the tiny electric motor propelling you at 80 km/h at top speeds. Want one? Gotta live in Europe with 10,000 Euros in the bank.

0 Designer: StauffacherBenz Studio

I Know What Yanko Needs : More Crane

I Know What Yanko Needs : More Crane

I know from your comments that you’ve been wanting more Crane Content for a while now, and I know it’s high time to alleviate your hankering for more Crane Content. So here it is. If there’s one crane you’re gonna own in your lifetime, make it this one. The “Optim Crane Cab” by Artemy Lebedev and crew. It’s made for single- and double-beam 125-tonnes capacity cranes.

Don’t hesitate.

0 Designer: Art Lebedev Studio

 Split Your Wheel Into Eight

Split Your Wheel Into Eight

I don’t mean take a knife and cut it into eight parts but instead follow the design that our friend Charlie has in mind for us. He has devised the Dynamically Augmenting Wheel System or simply DAWS. His aim was to design a wheel system that would allow a car to shift its center of gravity without losing its traction footprint.

0 Designer: Charles Pyott

I'd Hook My Bike Up to Nothing Minus

I’d Hook My Bike Up to Nothing Minus

Nothing less, that is, than “P+!” It’s the P+ bike system. Created by Young-Min Kim, Hyeon-Jeong Woo & Kyung-Goo Lee to promote healthy bike use in areas that don’t normally tend to bike users (especially in the way of bike protectors, information kiosks, and rest seats!) Spring is here, time to bike! P+ bike system for safe keeping!

0 Designers: Young-Min Kim, Hyeon-Jeong Woo & Kyung-Goo Lee

You'll Need the Exoskeleton to Stop Poor People

You’ll Need the Exoskeleton to Stop Poor People

Because poor people will be throwing their milkshakes at you when you drive this bad mother down the street. It’s called the “Lamborghini Insecta Concept,” and it’s got no real defense against strawberry or vanilla flavoring. The coloring has some sort of nice relationship with mint though, don’t you think? It’s length is the same as a Lamborghini Gallardo, it’s 1k mm tall and 2k mm wide, and it’s got a 2,650 mm wheelbase. Made for super fast power creepin’.

0 Designer: Iulian Bumbu

This Car Got One Fat Lip

This Car Got One Fat Lip

Oh you’ve made a car have you? Pshaw! Anyone can do – you designed it in 30 days? It must be terrible! Oh, for your 30th Anniversary, you say? Much better! Oh I can see it? Can’t wait to see – oh. Oh my. That is sleek looking! And no doors? Oh and it’s bluish-purply – Prince approved! *Flash Forward 9 Months*

Two Doors!? White?! Hulk-smashed?! Oh my goodness!

0 Designer: I.DE.A Institute

My Car Draws on the Fear of Other Cars

My Car Draws on the Fear of Other Cars

It may be quite obvious, once you view the entire car, that this is a vehicle made for speed. It draws inspiration from a list of flora and fauna, but designer André Lyngra syphons down sources to two: the leopard and the stingray. It sits there, poised for an explosion of power, looking both elegant and aggressive; organic and strong.

Behold, the SixNine Performace Car.

0 Designer: André Lyngra

Taxi Hauling

Taxi Hauling

Future mass transportation has to change if we’re to cope with the number of motorized vehicles doubling to 1.3 billion by 2020. Cars are getting smaller, trains and buses are getting bigger and faster but what about the taxi? They’re the “other” modes of public transport in mega cities like Tokyo.

0 Designer: Eva Marit Toftum

Skate Like It's MCMXCIX

Skate Like It’s MCMXCIX

Those fun loving Greeks are at it again. First there was naked wrestling with invading Persians, now the Greek design team known as “GREECE IS FOR LOVERS” brings us this “Tougher Than Leather” skateboard design. Looking right at home riding rails along the Parthenon or down to your local gyro stand, this leather urban luge was originally designed for the “7ply Project” exhibition, organised by Propaganda Rolling Co, in May 2008.

0 Designer: Greece Is For Lovers Studio

Drammen on Down the Road to Car Island

Drammen on Down the Road to Car Island

Drammen is a city and municipality in Norway (look it up!) which is along the 1,890 km (1,174 mi) long European Route E18. The city of Drammen has been, of recent years, a relatively popular place for the cars; its city center having been burdened by heavy traffic until the installation of the E18 bridge. Designer Fredrik Haukeland plans to capitalize on this situation with an intuitive I.D. project: “a leisure park for car fanatics.”

Behold: “Drive-In Industries.”

0 Designer: Fredrik Haukeland

Rolls Royce: Phantom (mini)Menace

Rolls Royce: Phantom (mini)Menace

Set to be introduced at this years Geneva Motor Show, BMW (parent company to Rolls Royce) is calling this the “200EX Concept”, not to be confused with Chrysler’s beautiful 200C Concept. Measuring in about 18 inches shorter than the obnoxiously large Phantom, this sleek cruiser shares many parts with its cousin the BMW 7 Series. Notice the inclusion of the classic “suicide doors” made popular by not only the Phantom but the mobster loving Lincoln Continental of the 1960s.

0 Design: Rolls-Royce

When Riding A Bicycle Just Isn't Green Enough

When Riding A Bicycle Just Isn’t Green Enough

If you’ve ever felt the urge to attach a fender to your bike just so you can wrap it in environmentally-aware bumper stickers, then you might like the Green Shadow. Developed by Mr. Onuff Studio for a video game, the bicycle still stands as an interesting study in form and function, presumably tracking mileage, heat rate and calories through the handle-bar mounted LCD. While only intended as illustrative work and not for actual production, I can only imagine a real version would incorporate fresh ivory, baby seals or endangered pandas to help snag that valuable pro-earth, anti-animal demographic.

0 Designer: Mr. Onuff Studio



Fresh off the heals of top designers around the world voting the Citroen DS “The Most Beautiful Car of All Time”, the classic French automaker has released these subtly impressive lifestyle accessories. Cleverly integrating their iconic logo into raised patterns hinting at their French fashion heritage, Citroen’s line of everything from sunglasses to a snowboards will help launch the reintroduction of their famed Citroen DS.

0 Designer: Citroen