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Land Rover CliQ - Concept Car by Thomas Gilbert

Little Land Rover

The super compact CliQ concept is a futuristic look into the Land Rover brand’s inevitable need to design smaller EVs if it wants to…

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Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing by Slimane Toubal

Gull-winged Bird of Prey

This modern day re-interpretation of the 300SL grand tourer convertible is a return to the speedy, striking Mercedes-Benz of yesteryear. Sharing the same design…

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Renault 4L Car Concept by Charlie Nghiem

Renault Baby Boom

The Renault Circular Economy – 4L Concept is a new age green car with some pretty neat features. It sports an energy interface dashboard…

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Lexus CT-S EV Scooter by Goldberg Boris

Lexus Scooty!

The CT-S is an Electric scooter, inspired by the design philosophy of Lexus’s innovative L-FINESSE. It’s compact and agile, featuring state of art technology….

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Crescent evolve Cycle by Fredrik Lundin

Evolving In Bikes

The Crescent evolve is an electric bicycle designed for young guns who would like an alternative to mopeds. Based on the research and feedback…

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Walamai Outback Explorer - Concept Vehicle by Garryd Howells

EV Eco Explorer

Designed for the wild Down Under, the Walamai Outback Explorer concept is both functional and stylish, proving that vehicles with a camping package don’t have…