Exploder II - Concept SUV by Cristian Polanco

Electric Sport Utility

The Exploder II has a four wheel drive system where each wheel uses the Michelin Active Wheel technology and an individual electric motor that…

Bemoove - Concept Vehicle by Andrea Filogonio

Bubble Trike

This is totally one of those concepts that hurts your heart because it doesn’t exist yet! Bemoove is a futuristic urban vehicle with a…

Citroen DS BiRotor Concept by Jose Eduardo Sanchez

Citroën Clean Tech

The Citroën DS BiRotor is a hybrid concept that merges aerodynamic coupe styling with 4-door hatchback versatility to form the sportiest Citroën compact yet….

PARATON-e Concept Car by Frederik Dallmeyer

Transforming Moto Car

The Paraton-e concept merges motorcycle maneuverability with compact car practicality into a transformable urban commuter for the sensible thrill-seeker. The driver can choose between…


Best Woody Bike

The BKR is a concept bicycle that uses wood for its physical and natural proprieties of sustainability, malleability and elasticity. The mainframe skeleton is…

Poursuivrêve Concept Car by Yutong Wu

Past, Present, Future Car

It’s a car, it’s a yacht, it’s a plane…it’s Poursuivreve!  A vehicle aimed at challenging our concept of how to get around both practically…