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Climatology Tower by Yuan-Sung Hsiao, Yuko Ochiai, Jia-Wei Liu, & Hung-Lin Hsieh

City-Purifying Tower

If you feel ill, you seek medical help… right? So why not provide our “sick” and polluted urban environments with the same attention? The…

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Plexus Tower by Chris Thackrey, Steven Ma, Bao An Nguyen Phuoc, Christos Koukis, Matus Nedecky, & Stefan Turcovsky

Hong Kong High Rise

The PleXus Tower emerges from the banks of the West Hong Kong Harbor as a distribution of disjointed structures amidst the neighboring historic ferry…

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Urban Alloy - Tower by Chad Kellogg

Highly Linked Living

New York City is a prime example of urban densification. With so many annual newcomers and little room to expand, there’s really nowhere to…