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Plexus Tower by Chris Thackrey, Steven Ma, Bao An Nguyen Phuoc, Christos Koukis, Matus Nedecky, & Stefan Turcovsky

Hong Kong High Rise

The PleXus Tower emerges from the banks of the West Hong Kong Harbor as a distribution of disjointed structures amidst the neighboring historic ferry…

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Urban Alloy - Tower by Chad Kellogg

Highly Linked Living

New York City is a prime example of urban densification. With so many annual newcomers and little room to expand, there’s really nowhere to…

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Vernacular Versatility - Architecture by Yong Ju Lee

Vernacular Versatility

This architectural accomplishment takes inspiration from traditional Korean Hanok houses that are defined by their wooden structural systems, curvy tiled roofs and strong formal…

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Car And Shell Skyscraper: Or Marinetti’s Monster - Vertical Suburban Neighborhood by Mark Talbot & Daniel Markiewicz

New Box Skyline for Detroit

Conceived as box-shaped wireframe, the Car And Shell Skyscraper: Or Marinetti’s Monster – Vertical Suburban Neighborhood, is the answer to the congestion problem experience…

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Squeezed In

Kenji Ido’s Tamatsu House in Osaka, Japan is wedged in an urban, mixed-used area of small factories and office buildings that coexist in lines…